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  • Hardware Maintenance: 20 ways to reduce downtime risk and cost

    White Papers // May 2017 // provided by Interactive

    Hardware maintenance is an essential part of running any business - are you adequately protected?
 The ultimate success of any IT department is measured by the availability of their computer systems. Protection in the event of a computer failure requires the best technical resources, call management systems and parts stocking ...

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  • Managed Services - Why It's Good for Business

    White Papers // May 2017 // provided by ConnectWise Automate, formerly LabTech

    As security threats grow, more companies are outsourcing IT management and maintenance functions. Download our free eBook and learn how managed services can provide the lifeline your business needs to stay competitive in this fast-paced marketplace.

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  • Report: The Future of the Finance Function.

    White Papers // May 2017 // provided by Workday

    This complimentary report, sponsored by Workday, provides expert insight from more than 750 senior finance professionals worldwide. The report explores the challenging market conditions facing the CFO function. And the results reveal many thought-provoking insights into the attitudes of finance professionals. In particular their need to ...

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  • Webinar: Make Finance Transformation Happen

    Webcasts // May 2017 // provided by Workday

    The recent ICAEW webinar, "The Future of Finance: What Does Successful Transformation Look Like?" reveals how you can reduce costs and improve efficiency, using technology built for today's vision of finance. Watch as experts from the ICAEW, Workday, PwC and King explore: Finance transformation: Why it's ...

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  • Before and After Next-gen: Cybersecurity Considerations that Transcend Paradigm Shifts

    White Papers // May 2017 // provided by Trend Micro

    It would be difficult to overstate the significance of the velocity at which computing is changing, from data center architectures to end-user behaviors. And as rapidly as many organizations are transitioning to API-driven, software-defined environments, many are still responsible for securing legacy architectures. At same time, the ...

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  • There Is No Silver Bullet

    White Papers // May 2017 // provided by Trend Micro

    This white paper takes a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of many of today's threat-protection techniques, and outlines why organizations should employ a multi-layered, defense-in-depth approach to security. That approach is embodied in Trend Micro XGen endpoint security, which combines cross-generational threat protection ...

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  • Super Session: Experience the Future of Networking with SteelConnect 2.0

    Videos // May 2017 // provided by Riverbed

    In this on-demand webinar, Jan Hichert, VP of Riverbed, discussed the revolutionary new approaches to networking and application performance in a software-defined and cloud-centric world. It also shows an in-depth demonstration of Riverbed SteelConnect 2.0. Watch this video to learn more about new solutions from Riverbed that will transform IT ...

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  • Telstra Cyber Security Report 2017

    White Papers // May 2017 // provided by Telstra

    The insights shared in this report are based on our understanding of the security risks that organisations face in the Asia Pacific region. We hope that it offers useful guidance on identifying and managing risk, and improve your awareness in the field of information security. These insights aim to support ...

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  • Digital Disruption and Workplace Transformation

    White Papers // May 2017 // provided by Telstra

    Digital disruption is impacting all sectors across Australia from government and public services through to banking, financial services, media, manufacturing, mining and transportation. Approximately 80% of Australian enterprises believe they are being impacted by a digital revolution. Employees and executives alike are looking at how new technologies ranging from 3D ...

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  • Accelerate network troubleshooting with SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor

    Downloads // Apr 2017 // provided by SolarWinds

    When users are reporting slowness in the network, you want to find the issue right away. Identify the root cause faster with the new PerfStack™ dashboard in SolarWinds® Network Performance Monitor (NPM).  With PerfStack in NPM, you can: Drag, drop, and overlay peformance metrics from multiple data sources onto a single ...

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