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  • Test Case Generation Using UML Activity Diagram - A Survey

    White Papers // Jun 2014 // provided by RS Publication

    Test Driven Design (TDD) and Design Driven Testing (DDT) are used for test case generation. TDD generates so many duplicated test cases at the end of the project. DDT is novel approach to generate test cases based on design model of application. Comparative study indicates batter result using DDT. White-box ...

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  • Takes 3M Hits on Moonshot

    Videos // Jun 2014 // provided by HP US

    Volker Otto talks about the results of using Moonshot for's web site, caching, and ftp downloads.

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  • Addressing the Full Attack Continuum

    White Papers // Jun 2014 // provided by Sourcefire, Inc.

    Today’s threat landscape is nothing like that of just 10 years ago. Simple attacks that caused containable damage have given way to modern cybercrime operations that are sophisticated, well-funded, and capable of causing major loss and disruption to organizations and national infrastructure.These advanced attacks are very difficult to detect, remain ...

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  • Rethink Ink

    White Papers // Jun 2014 // provided by Hewlett-Packard (HP)

    If there’s one constant in the world of IT, it’s that the workplace is changing. More than ever, IT needs to meet the demands of a highly distributed workforce that requires access to content and services around the clock and around the globe. And when it’s time to print, people ...

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  • HP Moonshot: a new style of IT for specialised scale-out workloads

    White Papers // Jun 2014 // provided by HP US

    With billions of devices that track, gather, and process information, the need for innovative solutions at unprecedented scale, speed, and efficiencies has never been greater. Make no mistake—general-purpose x86 servers will continue to run enterprise applications that support traditional business demands. What HP Moonshot represents is the world’s first software-defined ...

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  • Change Profile with SMS on Android Platform

    White Papers // Jun 2014 // provided by Creative Commons

    The change profile with SMS is nothing but it is android platform based application runs in the android mobile or in the android emulator at the development time. The purpose of the application is to change the mobile phone profile by sending SMS. The change profile with SMS is based ...

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  • Smart Location-Based Mobile Shopping Android Application

    White Papers // Jun 2014 // provided by Scientific Research

    In the paper, a smart location-based mobile shopping application for Android devices is proposed. The Geo-position of the user's mobile device is utilized to produce location information in shopping application. The flow of the application is that user searches a product, and then SAGO identifies the location and searches the ...

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  • Formal Enforcement of Security Policies on Choreographed Services

    White Papers // Jun 2014 // provided by RWSoftware

    Web services are software systems that support distributed applications composed of independent processes which communicate by message passing. To realize the full potential of web services, the authors need to compose existent web services in order to get more functionality. However the composition of web services should be secure. In ...

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  • Demonstration of the Online Method Engine

    White Papers // Jun 2014 // provided by RWSoftware

    During the past decade, much research has been performed in the areas of method engineering and process improvement. As a result of this paper, the authors are developing the Online Method Engine (OME). The OME is a knowledge management system that provides support during process improvement initiatives, using a set ...

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  • Programming of Agent-Based Systems

    White Papers // Jun 2014 // provided by FOI Bulgaria

    In this paper, the authors explore the possibility of applying the language PRALU, proposed for description of parallel logical control algorithms and rooted in the petri-net formalism for design and modeling real-time multi-agent systems. It is demonstrated with a known example of English auction on how to specify an agent ...

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