Business technology start-ups are increasingly attracting venture capital; find out how to take your idea and turn it into a business reality, and which technologies could make all the difference.

  • Video: People Are the New Bottom Line

    Videos // May 2014 // provided by Workday

    Your business is the sum of its parts—your inventory, production, marketing, and spend. But the most important part of your business is your workforce. More than half your costs can be tied to your workers. Watch this video to learn why people are the new bottom line.

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  • Cisco WebEx Meeting Center

    White Papers // May 2014 // provided by Cisco Systems

    Cisco WebEx Meeting Center is the easy-to-use, low-cost way to share ideas with anyone, anywhere, anytime, from any device. Collaborate over the web with remote employees, customers, and suppliers. Deliver presentations, demonstrate applications and update spreadsheets. Save time and money on travel — conduct regular meetings ...

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  • IBM PureData System E-Guide

    Ebooks // May 2014 // provided by IBM

    Every business would like to spend more time focused on improving productivity and less on routine maintenance tasks that keep the status quo. Unfortunately, most IT departments spend the bulk of their time and budget on doing just that – keeping the lights on and fighting fires. That is ...

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  • Rostering/Shift scheduling opportunity scan

    White Papers // Apr 2014 // provided by Quintiq

    This briefing looks at symptoms that can help your company see if there is opportunity to implement more effective rostering and shift scheduling. If your company is exhibiting any of these symptoms, then there is room for significant improvement.

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  • Ways Anonymity Hurts Business and Consumers

    White Papers // Apr 2014 // provided by Gigya Inc.

    Traditionally, the notion of online identity is that it must be protected and safeguarded by the individual it belongs to. As users’ Internet habits evolve, however, we’re seeing a greater shift in online sharing: consumers are posting personal photographs, life event updates, and more across their social channels. This ...

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  • A manufacturers guide to complete business control

    White Papers // Mar 2014 // provided by Quintiq

    This briefing provides a guide to gain business control in manufacturing planning. Readers can learn how to achieve business goals and competitive advantages with integrated supply chain planning and optimization.

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  • 4 signs that your business is ready to plan for profit

    White Papers // Mar 2014 // provided by Quintiq

    This briefing will help you to determine whether your business is ready to plan for profit by maximizing the value of your ERP investment with supply chain planning and optimization. By looking at these four signs you can begin planning for profit.

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  • Best Practices for recruiting the right talent

    White Papers // Mar 2014 // provided by Oracle

    This white paper examines best practices in recruiting and the technology behind those practices. It discusses how to reduce time to hire by up to 50 percent, reduce cost per hire by up to 70 percent, and improve recruiter efficiency in finding the right talent.

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  • Case Study: Mission Australia: Better Serving the Community

    White Papers // Mar 2014 // provided by NetApp

    Most of organisations or businesses wanted to respond to their clients faster and more efficiently. This study gives you an idea on how to drive value-add IT projects and the ability to scale up and down as well as increase performance effectively. Download this case study today to learn ...

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  • Client Virtualization in a Cloud Environment

    White Papers // Mar 2014 // provided by Intel

    Arguably computation models seen in client space are much more diverse than those in the server space proper. For servers, there are essentially two, the earlier model of static consolidation and the more recent dynamic model where virtual machines lightly bound to their physical hosts and can be moved around ...

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