Architecting a storage strategy that supports big data, mobile, long-term archives, high-speed SSD, and cloud is a tall order. Learn about convergence, software-defined storage, and tiered storage options here.

  • On Demand Webcast: SMB Ready Software Defined Backup

    Webcasts // Mar 2016 // provided by Hewlett Packard Enterprise

    Business data backup is next to impossible today without deduplication, and many small and midsize companies invested in data deduplication appliances that they’ve since outgrown. Upgrading and expanding their existing solutions is not the best way forward, because older deduplication appliances don’t understand or play well with virtualized and software-defined ...

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  • Factsheet - Singtel DC West

    White Papers // Mar 2016 // provided by Singtel 

    This factsheet examines the features of Singtel’s new Tier-3+, seven-storey data centre, including advanced fire detection and suppression systems, Contact-less card access systems to prevent unauthorised access, and advanced network redundancy.

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  • DC West – a network-ready Data Centre

    White Papers // Mar 2016 // provided by Singtel 

    Discover the benefits of Singtel’s new Tier-3+ data centre, DC West, scheduled to open in the strategic location of Jurong in Q4 2016. This state-of-the-art facility is designed to be resilient, secure and energy-efficient, and has access to high-speed connectivity options to serve your hosting needs and help your business ...

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  • Three Things you can ONLY do with VM Aware Storage

    White Papers // Mar 2016 // provided by Tintri

    There is a disconnect in your data center. You’ve virtualized your applications but your storage is still designed for physical workloads. Only VM-aware storage (VAS) is specifically built for virtualized applications, stripping out the complexity of LUNs and volumes so you can manage only the VMs that ...

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  • IDC Report: The Business Value of VCE Vblock Systems: Leveraging Convergence to Drive Business Agility

    White Papers // Mar 2016 // provided by Dell EMC Intel

    Converged infrastructure enables IT to rapidly deploy proportional infrastructure resources of every type (compute, network, storage, and advanced data services) while reducing operational overheads. Its effective use is a key enabler of business flexibility, supporting IT Initiatives such as private cloud, big data and analytics, and centralised virtual desktop. This ...

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  • HPE Storage Transformation Workshop

    White Papers // Mar 2016 // provided by Hewlett Packard Enterprise & Intel® Xeon® Processor

    Led by experienced technology consultants, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Storage Transformation Workshop Service provides a highly interactive, meaningful half day-long session with a customer's IT, business, and executive stakeholders. Using a series of high-quality (slide-free) discussion panels, HPE TS Consulting will facilitate an exploration of data management transformation journey to business-aligned ...

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  • Top 5 Pitfalls to Avoid in Your Data Strategy

    White Papers // Mar 2016 // provided by Veritas

    As you navigate the new digital age, your data protection strategy needs to be more than just the basics of backup and recovery. With the shifting tides of data center requirements, you must have a data protection solution you can trust your business and career with. Done correctly, data protection ...

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  • Forward Thinking Backup: Data Protection for the Digital Business

    White Papers // Mar 2016 // provided by Veritas

    In this new digital age, data protection is more than just about making copies. You must figure out how to stay ahead of growth by achieving greater gains in productivity and efficiency. You must explore new ways to deliver services on-demand and better match technology investments to business priorities. You ...

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  • 8 Tips to Stay Ahead of the Top 2016 Data Protection Trends

    White Papers // Mar 2016 // provided by Veritas

    Data protection has never been more in the forefront, as information increasingly is the lifeblood and differentiator in a constantly changing world.Keep up with the latest trends and use the following tips to maximize the value of your data protection investment —meeting more demanding SLAs, simplifying management across a complex ...

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    White Papers // Feb 2016 // provided by Unitrends

    The purpose of deduplication is to provide more storage, particularly backup storage, for less money, right? Then wouldn't it be ridiculous if deduplication vendors were demanding that their customers pay more per terabyte of storage? Or, if they were simply pushing the task of integrating, monitoring, and managing deduplication back ...

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