Choosing a storage technology from the many options available is an on-going challenge. Storage-area-networks, network-attached storage, cloud storage, and virtualized storage represent only a few of the methods and combinations that may be considered. TechRepublic covers these areas, as well as best practices, policies, and procedures for establishing a data storage strategy.

  • Videos // Jul 2011

    Demo: Implementing Softek zDMF technology

    IBM Data Mobility Services Softek z/OS® Dataset Mobility Facility (zDMF) technology is host-based data migration software that offers more flexibility and fewer operational restrictions than some other methods. This video discusses how zDMF can move critical allocated mainframe datasets while helping to ensure your applications remain online and available.

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  • Videos // Jul 2011

    Process Excellence With ESP Demo

    Most IT managers struggle to provide consistent levels of storage and backup services that ensure the productivity of their organizations. This demo describes how IBM Novus Enterprise Standardization Program (ESP) can help you manage your storage management software technologies and new storage hardware to better meet your business needs.

    Provided By IBM

  • Webcasts // Jan 2012

    Seamlessly Integrating Deduplication Storage Into a Tiered Storage Environment

    In this Webcast the presenter describes about seamlessly integrating deduplication storage into a tiered storage environment. By seamlessly integrating deduplication storage into a tiered storage environment, one can reduce the complexity of data management while driving down capital and operational expenses significantly.

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  • Webcasts // Mar 2010

    Geek out on the Cloud-Based Infrastructure of Google Apps

    On demand version of this webinar. Learn how Google's global, multi-tenant infrastructure meets the demands of today's Internet generation, and how your business can benefit from increased service levels, enhanced security and sustained economies of scale. Compare Google's zero RPO and RTO design targets for instant failover to your disaster...

    Provided By Google

  • Webcasts // Apr 2010

    Webcast: 3 Tips For Every Start-Up Or Entrepreneurial Venture Considering Google Apps

    On demand version of this webinar. When you're focused on building the next of power ultra-fast, low latency cloud networks, you don't have time to worry about your email server going down. Andy Bechtolsheim, Co-Founder, Sun Microsystems, and Chairman for Arista Networks describes Arista's switch to Google Apps as a...

    Provided By Google

  • Podcasts // Jul 2011

    Tiering Storage Primer: Data Classification, Archiving Key

    Tiering storage can be a challenge. Data must be classified into the right storage tiers, and it's not always clear what data should go where. IT managers must also comb through several different types of storage tiering, such as automated storage tiering, dynamic storage tiering and sub-LUN tiering. Although, tools...

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  • Webcasts // Oct 2011

    Microsoft Exchange or Google Apps? One government agency goes Google

    On demand version of this webinar. Overview: James Ferreira, CIO for the New Mexico State Attorney General's office, had a choice to make to support his growing organization: upgrade to a more costly enterprise license for Microsoft Exchange or find a business grade alternative at a better price. Ferreira investigated...

    Provided By Google

  • Podcasts // Jun 2011

    5-Minute Data Migration Solution Demo

    Data migration projects are renowned for running over time and over budget. But data migration no longer has to be a high-risk proposition - if you have the right methodology, tools, and people in place. View this 5-minute demo to witness our new data migration solution in action, and learn...

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  • Webcasts // Jan 2012

    Microsoft & Viewfinity Present: Windows 7 Migration is the Opportunity to Lockdown Desktops & Manage Standard User Privileges

    In this webcast, Microsoft and Viewfinity discuss endpoint security within the context of Windows 7 migrations with a specific emphasis on the protection provided by removing administrator rights. Alex Shteynberg, Technology Architect in the New York City Microsoft Technology Center discusses reasons why the desktop refresh fits perfectly into a...

    Provided By Viewfinity

  • Podcasts // Mar 2011

    Addressing Data Management and IT Infrastructure Challenges in a SharePoint Environment - Podcast

    In this podcast, SharePoint server expert Michael Noel will cover key topics around SharePoint infrastructure sprawl and high-availability, including reasons why SharePoint infrastructure grows quickly, how to address sprawl, high-availability at the web tier and high-availability database tier. Michael will also cover topics such as backup and restore requirements, site...

    Provided By NetApp

  • Podcasts // Jan 2012

    What's New in VMware vSphere Part 4: Hardware and Power Efficiency

    In this podcast, the speakers explain about the new power and storage features in VMware vSphere that enable one to make more efficient use of the server and storage assets and reduce power consumption.

    Provided By VMW Games

  • Case Studies // May 2014

    Housing Authority Reduces Backup & Recovery Workload by 30 - 50%

    The Housing Authority of the Cherokee Nation (HACN) is dedicated to helping all Cherokee citizens with housing needs. To ensure delivery of critical services, the Housing Authority of the Cherokee Nation (HACN) needed a backup and recovery solution that was reliable, efficient and easy to use. With Dell AppAssure, HACN...

    Provided By Dell

  • Case Studies // Mar 2013

    Hitchcock Independent School District Gets Fast Backup and Recovery Along With First-Class Data Protection for SQL Infrastructure

    Hitchcock Independent School District serves over 1,100 children in grades K-12. Hitchcock Independent School District's three-person IT team was responsible for an infrastructure that spanned five campuses and an administration building. The crucial data they were tasked with protecting included student records, payrolls, and parent contact information. But slow, unreliable...

    Provided By Dell

  • Case Studies // Jun 2014

    Hotel Cuts Deployment Time by 87 Percent

    1859 Historic Hotels is a management company that operates 11 independent hotels and resorts in Texas. To enable staff to better serve customers and to ensure PCI compliance, 1859 Historic Hotels needed to streamline the process of remotely deploying and updating machines across its many properties. With the Dell KACE...

    Provided By Dell

  • Case Studies // Feb 2013

    Golder Customizes SharePoint with Ease

    Golder Associates is an employee owned company with international expertise in ground engineering and earth and environmental services. Golder Associates wanted to easily use and customize Microsoft SharePoint content, while viewing and presenting the data in a better way. However, the company had limited .NET and programming resources. The company...

    Provided By Dell

  • Case Studies // Apr 2014

    Engineering Services Firm Finds Itself on a Smooth Ride to Data Recovery Using the Dell DL4000

    This engineering services firm has two offices in North America that provide mechanical, electrical and civil engineering services to small and medium sized businesses as well as commercial organizations. Their challenges are legacy backup software vendor refusing to support backups to USB-attached HDDs, existing backup software provided no flexibility to...

    Provided By DCIG

  • Case Studies // Jun 2012

    eFolder Leverages Dell AppAssure to Offer Superior Cloud-Based Data Protection

    Enter eFolder, founded to provide cloud data protection, business continuity and cloud security services for MSPs, solution providers and VARs. eFolder needed to deliver a business continuity solution to its more than 1,000 partners with fast, comprehensive and assured recoverability of servers, along with cloud data protection and instant virtualization...

    Provided By Dell

  • Case Studies // Sep 2012

    Diana's Bakery switches from NTBackup to Dell AppAssure

    Diana's Bakery has grown from a neighborhood bakery in offering fresh daily baked goods to one of Starbucks' international preferred providers. When a storm wiped out critical servers, the bakery began the arduous task of rebuilding its key server infrastructure taking more than 36 hours just for the Microsoft Exchange...

    Provided By Dell

  • Case Studies // Jun 2014

    A Solid Foundation for Greater Productivity

    DIRAK, headquartered in Germany, designs, manufactures and distributes high-quality latching, locking, gasket and hinging systems. To ensure continued success, DIRAK looked to upgrade its IT infrastructure, enhancing the platform supporting its warehouse operations and enterprise resource planning system. The company deployed a Dell PowerEdge VRTX shared infrastructure solutions platform as...

    Provided By Dell

  • Case Studies // Mar 2013

    Protecting Customer Data Against Outages

    One of Arkansas' leading providers of managed IT services, Datamax, operates five facilities and offices in three U.S. states. Datamax needs to ensure that its customers can recover quickly and inexpensively in the event of an IT outage and continue working productively. To mitigate the risk of systems downtime, Datamax...

    Provided By Dell

  • Case Studies // Sep 2013

    Minimizing Downtime During Database Migration

    For any business, technology applications that support the sales process are mission-critical. This is the case with Dell Delta, a web-based Siebel system with a 9-terabyte back-end Oracle database. To increase performance and availability, Dell needed to upgrade its mission-critical Delta system, which supports sales to 40 million customers worldwide....

    Provided By Dell

  • Case Studies // Jun 2014

    Ferry Service Protects Its Website and Ticketing System

    Cross sound ferry enables over one million passengers and road vehicles to travel conveniently. To ensure business continuity, Cross sound ferry needed to replace its tape-based backup and recovery solution. They needed reliable, automated backups that would not impact production systems, as well as fast recovery that was not limited...

    Provided By Dell

  • Case Studies // Sep 2012

    IT Weapons Virtually Migrates Client's 5-Terabyte Data Center Seamlessly, in Less Than a Day

    As CEO of Ontario, Canada-based, award-winning Managed Service Provider (MSP) IT Weapons (ITW) - one of North America's leading providers of application delivery, virtualization and networking solutions. The volume of backups occurring each week was choking IT Weapon's infrastructure. Completing full backups within the allotted weekend window was becoming untenable...

    Provided By Dell

  • Case Studies // Nov 2012

    Iowa Select Farms Adopts New IT Paradigm With an Eye to an Industry-Wide Evolution

    Known for its high quality pork and its commitment to protect the environment and ensure the well-being of its swine herd, Iowa Select Farms is Iowa's largest pork producer. Working with an outdated IT infrastructure, Iowa Select Farms wanted to update its BUDR solution, while also leading an industry. Iowa...

    Provided By Dell

  • White Papers // Apr 2011

    Advanced Data Recovery for Midsize Companies

    Even if your company doesn't have hundreds of offices and thousands of employees, you're still under the same pressures to maintain access to critical information to keep your business running and remain competitive. This paper provides an overview of several IBM advanced data recovery options designed and priced specifically for...

    Provided By IBM

  • White Papers // Mar 2012

    Oracle Exadata vs IBM: Netezza Compared

    Oracle Exadata and IBM Netezza Data Warehouse Appliance Compared This eBook will explain the fundamental differences between the IBM Netezza 1000 and Oracle Exadata solutions. You will learn which solutions best meet your business needs and how to achieve optimal results from your data.

    Provided By IBM

  • Case Studies // Jun 2010

    VMware Case Study: eXimius N.V., A Thomson Reuters Company

    Thomson Reuters provides businesses and professionals with intelligent information. The company combines its expertise and innovative technology to supply critical information for decision makers in the financial, legal, and scientific and media sectors. Thomson Reuters wanted to implement a scalable, flexible and reliable IT infrastructure that enables the business to...

    Provided By VMware

  • White Papers // Sep 2011

    Solitaire Study: Solitaire Interglobal Paper- Database Software Performance on IBM Power System and IBM System x-2011

    The Solitaire Interglobal Ltd. research team analyzes and compares the production behaviors of database software within data centers. The study examines technical performance as well as reliability, staffing requirements, costs and time-to-value for IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database, and Sybase products running on IBM Power Systems and IBM...

    Provided By IBM

  • Case Studies // Feb 2009

    Dell and Microsoft Solutions Help ServiceU Deliver Reliable System Performance and Create a Virtualized Environment That Reduces Power Consumption by 50 Percent

    ServiceU Corporation is a Memphis-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider that enables organizations to run successful events by helping manage a wide range of event-related logistics, including facilities management, box office management, reserved seat ticketing, registrations, payments or donations, food, transportation, and childcare. ServiceU wanted to deploy reliable hardware to support the...

    Provided By Dell

  • Downloads // Apr 2012

    Diskeeper 12 Server Edition - FREE 30-day trialware

    SAN-attached servers require specific best-practice file optimization to allow the SAN to achieve its best performance. This pre-configured variation of Diskeeper Server edition is separately available and comes set and ready to optimize server data performance in a SAN environment without actually touching the SAN layer.

    Provided By Condusiv Technologies

  • Case Studies // Dec 2011

    GS Retail Lowering TCO by 30 percent With Faster, Smarter Analytics

    Altares is one of the business information provider. They need to support rapid growth in number and variety of business systems while overcoming physical constraints on space and cooling in data centers and create an infrastructure capable of scaling and adapting to new requirements without downtime or loss of performance....

    Provided By IBM

  • White Papers // Aug 2010

    Smarter Systems - Taking a Workload Optimized Approach

    Whether an organization needs to uncover hidden insights in tremendous volumes of data, accommodate a rising number of online transactions or manage expanding case loads, it needs systems designed for the unique requirements of their workload. This 6-page

    Provided By IBM

  • White Papers // Jul 2011

    The Hartmann Group consolidates global SAP applications

    The Hartmann Group, a world leader in medical supplies, migrated to the latest releases of SAP ERP applications and consolidated multiple servers to IBM® Power® servers featuring IBM POWER7? processor technology. Read this case study to learn how they cut system response times by 30 percent and power use by...

    Provided By IBM

  • Case Studies // Dec 2009

    Making the Case for Migration: Gerber Scientific Selects IBM XIV Storage System for Its SAP Production Environment

    This brief describes how Gerber Scientific, working with an IBM storage implementation team, migrated its production SAP applications and Oracle database from an existing proprietary storage infrastructure to the IBM XIV Storage System. IBM Rational Performance Tester was used to simulate the target SAP workloads during the project's Proof Of...

    Provided By IBM

  • Case Studies // Oct 2011

    IHK-GFL Boosts Performance and Delivers Multimillion Savings

    IHK-Gfl provides a variety of IT services to around 8,000 users in the 80 chambers of commerce and industry in Germany. As demand on its systems grew, IHK-Gfl realized that it needed to address a critical system performance issue. IHK-Gfl needed a storage system that was fast - at all...

    Provided By IBM

  • Case Studies // Nov 2011

    Apple Vacations Creates the Perfect Package Solution With SAP and IBM

    Apple Vacations specializes in vacations to destinations,. Hugely successful packaged vacation provider Apple Vacations has seen direct consumer sales rise dramatically. The company needs very fast web performance combined with totally reliable back-office systems that can support with detailed analysis of sales, margin, consumer trends and more. The existing IT...

    Provided By IBM

  • Case Studies // Apr 2012

    The New IBM System x® M4 servers: A Microsoft Exchange case study

    A "case study" analysis from IBM Research that highlights the financial, performance, operational and financial benefits for midmarket companies when they upgrade to the new IBM System x M4 servers, including the new System x3650 M4 rack server. This paper examines a typical midsize business and how updating their servers...

    Provided By IBM

  • White Papers // Jul 2012

    Exchange Workload White Paper (Principled Technologies)

    A "case study" analysis from IBM Research that highlights the financial, performance, operational and financial benefits for midmarket companies when they upgrade to the new IBM System x M4 servers, including the new System x3650 M4 rack server.

    Provided By IBM

  • Downloads // Feb 2012

    Free Trial: vRanger, the Powerful VMware Recovery Solution

    When disaster strikes, don't waste hours and dollars recovering critical data. vRanger delivers blazing-fast speed and granular recovery for your VMware applications and data. Get your free trial today.

    Provided By Dell Software

  • Podcasts // Mar 2012

    BNP Paribas Cuts Data Warehouse Size And Improves Manageability, Performance with Oracle Exadata

    This Oracle Database podcast features Jim Duffy, Senior Data Warehouse Architect at BNP Paribas, one of the largest global banking and financial services groups in the world, who explains how BNP Paribas deployed Oracle Exadata to support its trading floor applications. Listen to this podcast to learn how BNP...

    Provided By Oracle