Architecting a storage strategy that supports big data, mobile, long-term archives, high-speed SSD, and cloud is a tall order. Learn about convergence, software-defined storage, and tiered storage options here.

  • Big Data Analytics Infrastructure for Dummies

    White Papers // Nov 2015 // provided by IBM Power Systems

    The current form of analytics frequently involves an end-user using a spreadsheet application. The trouble is that information is often slow coming in and may not contain all relevant data, and the result is unacceptable delays in getting actionable information. That’s okay, but it probably won’t get you where you ...

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  • Evaluator Group: Investing Strategically in All Flash Arrays

    White Papers // Sep 2015 // provided by NetApp, Inc.

    For customers looking to implement flash for primary data center storge, NetApp's All Flash FAS systems offer some significant advantages over competiitve offerings. Customer can deploy All Flash FAS arrays for specific applications now and later extend them to private and hybrid cloud-based applications as enterprise IT's longer term strategy ...

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  • Workday: Europe Set To Move En Masse To HCM

    White Papers // Aug 2015 // provided by Workday

    Adoption of cloud-based HCM solutions is progressing rapidly among large and mid-sized organisations in Europe. This survey of 100 IT executives working in organisations with 1000+ employees reveals that 56% of those still using legacy on-premise HCM solutions plan to move to a cloud-based solution in the near future (i.e. ...

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  • Answer This: When Will Your Next Storage Failure Occur?

    Downloads // Aug 2015 // provided by SolarWinds

    If you can't answer this in one minute, you’re at risk. With Storage Resource Monitor, you will know exactly what's going on in your multi-vendor storage environment, and more: Get automated alerts triggered by monitored performance and capacity thresholds, so you're the first to know about issues with ...

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  • Make IT an Engine of Innovation.

    White Papers // May 2015 // provided by Hewlett Packard Enterprise

    Innovative companies around the world have embraced a modernised, business-centric approach to IT, delivering orchestrated solutions that help achieve better business results. Now, more efficient and agile servers support this innovation by combining compute, storage, and networking resources to manage entire IT environments as programmable elements that are flexibly tailored ...

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  • ESG: Wide-Ranging Business Objectives Demand a Wide Range of Flash Solutions

    White Papers // May 2015 // provided by NetApp, Inc.

    Applying flash storage in the data center promises so much: ultrafast performance, improved reliability, cost efficiency, and world-class data management. With our expertise and innovation we can help you deploy flash to unleash the performance of your applications. This white paper explores multiple paths to flash storage and why it’s ...

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  • Creating the Data Center of the Future with Hyperconverged Infrastructure

    White Papers // Aug 2017 // provided by HPEnterprise

    As business requirements mount, IT must continue to evolve its infrastructure to meet business goals and drive productivity. To meet these needs, data centers of the future will be fully software-defined, allowing for cloud-like benefits with the security and control of an on-premises data center. Hyperconverged infrastructures are ...

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  • Husdon Alpha Case study

    Podcasts // Aug 2017 // provided by HPEnterprise

    Maximizing the Impact of Genomics Research The HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology conducts data-intensive genome research with demanding infrastructure requirements. With HPE Synergy HudsonAlpha is able to balance cost and performance requirements and enable a dynamic, flexible, cost-effective infrastructure, resulting in higher staff productivity, more efficient IT operations, and a ...

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  • Building a Better Storage Infrastructure for the Modern Business

    White Papers // Aug 2017 // provided by HPEnterprise

    In this report, we’ll look at the recent evolution of storage, how organizations are challenged by the current technology climate, and how leading organizations are leveraging storage innovations to boost their business. Report Highlights: The top storage challenge reported by businesses is the need to meet ...

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  • Power checklist: Managing backups

    Tools & Templates // Jul 2017 // provided by Tech Pro Research

    Every organization relies on data that must be protected and backed up in a reliable and secure way by authorized personnel. While the content or criticality of the data may vary, the processes behind a successful backup strategy are universal. This checklist will help you establish a standard framework for ...

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