Whether it's RAID, SSD or NAS, storage hardware and management affects IT from the data center to your smartphone.

  • Podcasts // Aug 2010

    Windows Phone 7 in 7 Minutes: Using Isolated Storage

    This podcast talks about Windows phone 7. This podcast explains how to create and manipulate files and folders for local storage in a Windows 7 Phone application.

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  • Podcasts // Jul 2010

    ScaleUp Technologies Announces Secure Cloud Storage Solution Based in Germany

    In this podcast, the speaker reveals that ScaleUp is announcing the launch of a Germany-based secure cloud storage solution, much like that of Amazon S3, hosted in its Berlin cloud data center. This new offering will allow ScaleUp's customers to take advantage of the low cost & flexibility of cloud...

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  • Podcasts // Jun 2010

    Effective Data Destruction Practices

    In this podcast, the speaker detailed the specifics of the data storage technology changes and how organizations can protect themselves from huge financial liabilities. Having a defined data destruction strategy not only ensures a greener environment, but also ensures that the terabytes of stored data on the hardware are completely...

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  • Podcasts // May 2010

    Oracle VM Server Sizing and Resource Requirements

    In this podcast, the speaker explains about an introduction to the resource requirements for Oracle VM server focusing on Oracle VM server CPU, memory, storage, and networking considerations.

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  • Podcasts // Apr 2010

    How Do I: Storage Group Mailbox Creation

    This podcast provides a walk through on how to create a new storage group and a new mailbox database in Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 using the Exchange Management Console. This podcast makes easier for the user to learn Storage Group Mailbox Creation.

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  • Podcasts // Mar 2010

    Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Storage Architecture

    Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 carries on the tradition begun in Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 of dramatically reducing mailbox storage costs. This podcast helps to learn about the new levels of storage flexibility in Exchange Server 2010, and find out the technical details to help one to select the right storage...

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  • Podcasts // Jan 2010

    Dynamic Data Center Alliance: Connecting Partners to the Enterprise Market

    The Dynamic Data Center Alliance is bringing together a collection of top notch partners, such as hosters, system integrators, hardware manufacturers, and software vendors, who are working on rich integration with the Dynamic Data Center Toolkits. Compellent will explain how a feature rich virtualized storage platform shortens time to project...

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  • Podcasts // Jan 2010

    Microsoft Virtualization Best Practices for Exchange Server

    Intel and Microsoft solutions give IT organizations the means to maximize the value of iSCSI as they implement Storage Area Networks (SANs). In this podcast, the speaker explore how the combination of Intel Ethernet Server Adapters, Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2, and Intel Xeon processor 5500 series-based servers provide an...

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  • Podcasts // Nov 2009

    Complete the Promise of Virtualization: Storage Virtualization

    Storage virtualization solution can allow companies to have a single set of management tools across all systems and operating systems, while enabling the implementation of consistent policies throughout the organization.

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  • Podcasts // Nov 2009

    Backup & Recovery Business Value Market Research Report

    In this podcast, the speaker will explain about the business value market research report on backup and recovery. The speaker also explains how backup and recovery is essential for protecting data and keeping businesses running efficiently and effectively.

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  • Podcasts // Jul 2009

    Jeff and Dave Discuss Virtual Infrastructure Optimization

    In this podcast, the speaker who discusses about the Virtual Infrastructure Optimization, an emerging technology category at the intersection of server virtualization and storage. Taking the best of both SAN management and application management, VIO provides a foundation for visibility into, and operation of, the virtual infrastructure.

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  • Podcasts // Jun 2009

    Fujitsu Introduces the Eternus DX60 and DX80 Midrange Disk Arrays

    Fujitsu recently introduced the DX60 and DX80 midrange disk arrays for its Eternus midrange product line. These disk arrays replace the Eternus 2000, 4000, and 8000, which are all at the low end of the product line. The DX60 and DX80 may benefit small to midsized business customers. In this...

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  • Podcasts // Feb 2008

    Getting Started with Online Storage for Backup Exec

    In this podcast, the speaker will give an overview about the Symantec online storage for backup exec. It is easy and cost-effective way to back up the user critical business information to secure off-site storage for disaster recovery and long-term retention.

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  • Podcasts // Oct 2006

    Disk-Based Backup

    Typically, a majority of the vital information of a small business is maintained in an electronic format, which is stored, delivered and managed entirely by information technologies. In this podcast, the speaker will explain about the disk-based backup and how the user can protect their valuable business information.

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