Architecting a storage strategy that supports big data, mobile, long-term archives, high-speed SSD, and cloud is a tall order. Learn about convergence, software-defined storage, and tiered storage options here.

  • Data backup policy

    Tools & Templates // Sep 2016 // provided by Tech Pro Research

    This policy will help you implement the backup environment that is appropriate for your company. It factors in onsite, remote, and cloud operations and covers issues such as storage capacity, network bandwidth, and access controls. From the policy: Summary Technological advancements in recent years have provided great advantages by offering ...

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  • eGuide-Faster Applications with Predictive Flash

    Tools & Templates // Jul 2016 // provided by Nimble Storage

    Interactive tool outlining the benefits of Predictive Flash to remove the app-data gap.

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  • Cloud Data Storage Policy

    Tools & Templates // Mar 2015 // provided by Tech Pro Research

    The rise of third-party cloud-based file storage applications has brought flexibility and ease of data access to users and businesses alike. Commonly used applications such as Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive go hand-in-hand with more corporate-oriented services provided by Acronis and Attunity to provide numerous storage options. This offers many ...

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  • Cloud-based data backup: A buyer's guide - How to choose a third-party provider for development, management of your data backup solution

    Tools & Templates // Feb 2013 // provided by IBM

    Many IT executive view cloud computing as an attractive platform for data backup. They know cloud can help protect business-critical data and provide near-ubiquitous information access. But while having a cloud-based solution is valuable, developing one in-house is tricky. That's why many organizations want to contract with a third-party cloud ...

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  • Storage Efficiency Calculator

    Tools & Templates // Jul 2011 // provided by IBM

    The proven modeling tool that powers the IBM Storage Efficiency Calculator is based on patent-pending intellectual property that has been used successfully in hundreds of IBM storage optimization engagements, worldwide. Try it and learn how to: Store less Store more with what you own Move data to the ...

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  • File Storage Policy

    Tools & Templates // May 2010 // provided by Erik Eckel

    TechRepublic's file storage policy provides a ready-made template that organizations can use as is or customize. The policy reinforces the importance of properly securing, accessing, and storing information. Organizations should use the template as a tool to help prevent data breaches and to properly manage violations that occur. This download ...

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  • End User Backup Policy

    Tools & Templates // Jan 2009 // provided by Tech Pro Research

    Organizations frequently backup network data, but don't reach down to a user's individual desktop. This policy directs users to store data which needs to be backed up to network shares or provide an alternate backup routine. Use this policy as-is or customize it to meet your needs.

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  • CD and DVD Policy

    Tools & Templates // Jun 2006 // provided by Tech Pro Research

    Seemingly innocent, CDs and DVDs have recently appeared on the market containing Digital Rights Management (DRM) software, which includes a rootkit to hide them from your system. Hackers have begun exploiting the rootkits to spread viruses and spyware. You can use this policy to inform your users of the danger ...

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  • Storage Security Policy

    Tools & Templates // Jun 2006 // provided by Tech Pro Research

    Safely retaining and securing data is an important aspect of an effective security strategy. Business demands, increased user requirements and even compliance concerns (i.e., Sarbanes-Oxley) have created a need for a comprehensive Storage Security Policy. This policy's purpose is to preserve the organization's critical data from damage, disaster, and ...

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