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  • Infographic: Modern Finance in the Digital Age

    White Papers // Apr 2017 // provided by Oracle

    This infographic reveal the top Finanace Challenges, a New paradigm for Modren Finance, and how Oracle Cloud for finance facilitates operational agility, compliance and control, and management insight.

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  • Thriving in the Digital Age: A Guide for Modern Finance Leaders

    White Papers // Apr 2017 // provided by Oracle

    Relentless digital developments have created the chance for the finance team to become true strategic leaders across the business—but they have also raised expectations and generated new challenges. In this digibook, we explore the growth of cloud, social, mobile and big data, and how smart CFOs are taking advantage. We ...

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  • Proofpoint - The Bec Survival Guide

    White Papers // Apr 2017 // provided by Proofpoint, Inc.

    Falling for an impostor's email is easier than you might think. Imagine this scenario: You work for a large company that has been involved in acquisitions. Your job is to pay the bills. One morning, you get an email from your CEO who’s travelling. He wants you to do ...

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  • 6 Common Pitfalls to Avoid When Migrating Applications to the Cloud (French)

    White Papers // Apr 2017 // provided by Riverbed

    ARE YOU READY FOR THE CLOUD? Avoid these 6 pitfalls during your migration:You have an incomplete or outdated view of your infrastructure. Network bandwidth and latency constraints aren’t known or understood. No visibility into how the application is performing throughout the migration process and ...

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  • Top Trends to Watch Post HIMSS17

    Videos // Apr 2017 // provided by Intel

    The annual HIMSS (Health Information Management Systems Society) conference is the key event for the health IT industry, providing a comprehensive overview of the state of the market from the perspectives of various stakeholders, including health IT vendors, healthcare providers, and government regulators. The topics and tone of the HIMSS ...

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  • A Secure IT-Approved Alternative to Personal File Sharing Services in the Enterprise (Russian)

    White Papers // Apr 2017 // provided by Citrix

    Unauthorized employee use of personal file sharing services such as Dropbox and Box represents security risks to businesses. Learn how enterprise-ready file sharing solutions exceed employee needs while securing and mobilizing business data. This whitepaper will also give you an insight on how to: Protect business data. ...

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  • Accelerating Precision Medicine

    White Papers // Apr 2017 // provided by Intel

    Cancer treatment isn’t one-size-fits-all Surgery, radiation, chemotherapy—in the past, cancer patients really only had three options when it came to care. But today, with the implementation of genomic sequencing, healthcare providers are able to use a patient’s own genetic data to tailor a treatment plan for each patient’s specific ...

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  • Top 10 Lessons from Technology Leaders on Digital Transformation

    White Papers // Apr 2017 // provided by Box

    This report covers some of technology leaders perspectives and practices that can be generally applied across any organization in any industry. It’s a good foundation to assist companies think differently and make change part of their digital transformation strategy. Guide your organization towards becoming more agile. Learn how to ...

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  • IT’s Guide for Securing and Managing Business Content

    White Papers // Apr 2017 // provided by Box

    Modern workforces are more collaborative than ever, so Box was built from the ground up to keep your enterprise moving. Users can easily share folders and files. In fact, private workspaces ensure everyone on a project has access to only the content they should see– without the need for provisioning ...

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  • Service Engagement guide: Resiliency Orchestration

    White Papers // Apr 2017 // provided by IBM

    The Service Engagement Guide includes an overview of IBM Cloud Resiliency Orchestration, the steps for deployment, service delivery details and how our clients and prospects can get started. With this guide, clients and prospects can take the next step to scale up resiliency operations with a unified disaster recovery solution ...

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