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  • White Papers // May 2015

    IDC ExpertROI SPOTLIGHT: Equinix Case Study

    The day-to-day benefits of cloud-based service automation are well-documented. But what can be harder to ascertain is the quantitative benefits, the money saved, and the impact on the company’s bottom line. IDC and Equinix teamed up to crystallize the benefits of true economic benefits of ServiceNow’s IT service automation. Download...

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  • Case Studies // May 2015

    IDC ExpertROI SPOTLIGHT: Allstate Case Study

    Insurance Giant Allstate Corporation, like many companies, found it persistently challenging to maximize the value of the IT services it delivers to employees and customers. So they turned to ServiceNow’s cloud-based IT Service Management (ITSM) solution. Since deployment in 2013, Allstate has levered ServiceNow to: • Improve IT state productivity...

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  • Webcasts // Apr 2015

    On-Demand Webcast: Under the Hood - How to Fire Up Your Employee Culture for Maximum Performance

    Based on thought leader Stan Slap's much anticipated second book, Stan delivers a story filled, high content presentation on how employee cultures work and how to work it. If your job success involves achieving results through others and those others work for you - understanding the true motivation of an...

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  • White Papers // Feb 2015

    Why OpenStack for Private Cloud?

    Today's dynamic business requirements cannot be effectively served by traditional segmented and siloed IT infrastructures. This technical bulletin discusses how the OpenStack project was created to respond to new requirements for an open, massively scalable, cloud operating system capable of supporting today's dynamic "cloud-aware" applications. Co-sponsored by Red Hat:

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  • White Papers // Apr 2015

    Cloud Development and Test Environments

    Every software developer needs the infrastructure to design, develop, test, and deliver custom applications. Microsoft Azure gives you everything you need to provision and manage a complete development and test environment in the cloud. Azure helps you dramatically simplify and speed up the path to running a dev-test environment. And...

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  • White Papers // Apr 2015

    Virtual Machines: Bigger, Faster, and more Agile

    Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines allow you to deploy a wide range of computing solutions in an agile way. With Virtual Machines, you can deploy nearly instantaneously and you pay only by the minute. With Windows, Linux, SQL Server, Oracle, IBM, SAP, and BizTalk, you can deploy any workload, any language,...

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  • White Papers // Apr 2015

    MSDN Dev and Test Pay-As-You-Go

    Discover special low Microsoft Azure rates for MSDN subscribers. Learn more about the Azure credits available as part of MSDN subscriptions and access Windows Virtual Machines, HDInsights and other Microsoft cloud services at discounted hourly rates. Using Azure as part of your MSDN subscription provides a great way for teams...

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  • White Papers // Apr 2015

    Big Data: New Insights Unlocked.

    Reveal new insights and drive better decision making with Azure HDInsight, a Big Data solution powered by Apache Hadoop. Learn more about the unique flexibility provided to you by HDInsight and make sure you and your organisation stay ahead of the technological curve

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  • Downloads // May 2012

    Oracle Crystal Ball Download - 30 Day Free Trial

    Oracle Crystal Ball is the leading spreadsheet-based application suite for predictive modeling, forecasting, simulation, and optimization. It gives you unparalleled insight into the critical factors affecting risk. With Crystal Ball, you can make the right tactical decisions to reach your objectives and gain a competitive edge under even the most...

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  • White Papers // Feb 2015

    Financial Malware Explained

    Cybercriminals rely upon increasingly sophisticated techniques to steal the credentials of online banking customers, and then reuse them to take over the victim’s account and perform fraudulent transactions such as transferring money to new destinations. IBM Security Trusteer solutions offer multiple layers of protection across devices and the fraud lifecycle....

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  • White Papers // Mar 2015

    Collaboration Unchained: Tapping the Potential of Unified Communications

    Emails, phone calls, and in-person meetings remain fundamental to how many large organizations communicate—internally and externally. However, the emergence of collaborative technologies is enabling customers, competitors and employees to innovate, disrupt and challenge the ways in which work gets done and value is created. This report produced with WSJ. Custom...

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  • White Papers // Aug 2014

    12 Essential Tasks of Active Directory Domain Services

    Discover the 12 major tasks of Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) administration and management, and how delegation can be an excellent way for administrators to reduce the their workload and streamline management of their AD DS infrastructures. Read the white paper and learn how the implementation of proper...

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  • White Papers // Jan 2015

    Is your platform secure? Really?

    The introduction of the cloud architecture, with its virtualizati on basis, has created new avenues of attack. The challenge of protecting the organizational assets and process, while avoiding adverse impact on service levels, is growing. Although many organizations view security as a simplistic access to assets, the Solitaire Interglobal Ltd....

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  • White Papers // Mar 2010

    Use Of Barcodes In Supply Chain Management

    Barcodes have influenced almost every aspect of Supply Chain Management. The use of barcodes makes business integration processes in supply chain management simpler and more efficient. Barcodes are an effective identification tool that helps track products and greatly reduce errors. Barcode technology has a range of advantages such as being...

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  • White Papers // Mar 2015

    Breaking Down Silos of Protection: An Integrated Approach to Manage Application Security

    An enterprise runs hundreds, if not thousands, of applications, many of which are vulnerable to attack. The necessary response is to replace point security products with integrated solutions and adopt risk-based application security management. IBM Security solutions can be the foundation. Read More..

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  • White Papers // Mar 2015

    IBM Software: IBM Security Identity Governance & Administration

    This Frost & Sullivan best practices research paper details why IBM have been provided their 2014 Customer Value Leadership in the Mobile Identity and Access Management because of IBM's outstanding performance. Read More..

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  • White Papers // Mar 2015

    Infrastructure Matters: Cloud Security Overview

    This solution overview guide explores how secure the cloud really is, and how Fujitsu services are designed to ensure your information is protected at every level. Read More..

    Provided By Fujitsu

  • White Papers // Jan 2015

    IBM InfoSphere Guardium Vulnerability Assessment

    IBM InfoSphere® Guardium® Vulnerability Assessment helps harden database infrastructures. It detects vulnerabilities and identifies threats and security holes in databases or the underlying operating system which could be exploited by intruders and hackers. Read More..

    Provided By IBM

  • Videos // Jan 2015

    Using BlueMix to Develop Mobile Applications - Building an Android App using MobileData Cloud

    This webcast focuses on building an Android application using the MobileData service. Walk-through the real process and workflow used to build and link the MobileData service within your application. Download Now..

    Provided By IBM

  • White Papers // Dec 2010

    Integrated Marketing Communication And Brand Management: The Case Study Of Fiat 500

    The increasing investments in communication put in evidence the need for innovation to fulfill and improve identity, positioning (brand and products), reputation, goodwill and networking. This paper aims to analyze - following the literature on brand management and marketing communication - the new synergy between real perspectives and virtual ones...

    Provided By Universita Degli Studi di Roma

  • White Papers // Jun 2006

    Get Free Payroll Forms Download From the Internet

    In the payroll form a person will see how many hours the person worked for the specified period of time. The person will also see the rate the person is provided. Then all of these shall be calculated for the gross pay a person shall receive. There are many different...

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  • White Papers // Nov 2006

    Supply Chain Management In The Petroleum Industry

    Supply chain management in the petroleum industry contains various challenges, specifically in the logistics area, that are not present in most other industries. These logistical challenges are a major influence on the cost of oil and its derivatives. However, opportunities for cost savings in logistics still do exist. Giant oil...

    Provided By University of Houston

  • White Papers // Dec 2005

    Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Product Information Management

    This report is a must-read if you're an IT strategist who's currently evaluating product information management (PIM) technologies. It explains why the as-yet-immature PIM market is evolving quickly and presents Gartner's Magic Quadrant for this emerging tech sector. There are a variety of differences that separate the companies Gartner classifies...

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  • White Papers // Feb 2007

    Effective Practices for Data Management in the Oil and Gas Industry

    Effective information and data management (also known as information lifecycle management) consists of managing data from its creation to when it is no longer needed. In the upstream oil and gas industry, this involves actually managing the ever-increasing volume of data that oil and gas enterprises generate, while also managing...

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  • White Papers // Jul 2008

    Managed Hosting Services Checklist

    Do you know what to ask before you buy? The Web Hosting Unleashed Managed Hosting Services Checklist gives you a comprehensive list of questions and a step-by-step approach to evaluating managed-hosting vendors and providers. Be armed with the right questions, market research and criteria to select the right managed-hosting solution...

    Provided By Web Hosting Unleashed

  • Tools & Templates // Aug 2009

    IDC ROI Calculator for IBM Tivoli Netcool

    This ROI calculator from IDC will help you quickly and easily understand the average annual benefit that you may be able to achieve using IBM? Tivoli? Netcool?. The tool and underlying calculations and metrics are based on IDC research of 14 IBM Tivoli Netcool implementations, which have yielded an average...

    Provided By IBM

  • White Papers // Jun 2010

    How to Setup a Managed Services Business: A Soup-to-Nuts Guide for Aspiring MSPs

    According to Wikipedia, "Managed Services is the practice of transferring day-to-day related management responsibility as a strategic method for improved effective and efficient operations. The person or organization that owns or has direct oversight of the organization or system being managed is referred to as the client or customer. The...

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  • White Papers // Sep 2012

    Impact of Warehouse Management System in a Supply Chain

    In a supply chain, warehousing function is very critical as it acts as a node in linking the material flows between the supplier and customer. In today's competitive market environment companies are continuously forced to improve their warehousing operations. Many companies have also customized their value proposition to increase their...

    Provided By International Journal of Computer Applications

  • White Papers // Mar 2013

    Adoption of Energy-Efficiency Measures in SMEs - An Empirical Analysis Based on Energy Audit Data

    In this paper, the authors factors driving the adoption of energy-efficiency measures by Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). Their analyses are based on cross-sectional data from SMEs which participated in a German energy audit program between2008 and 2010. In general, their findings appear robust to alternative model specifications and are...

    Provided By Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research ISI

  • White Papers // Jun 2013

    An Evaluation of Financing and Development of Small and Medium Enterprises in Mombasa County, Kenya

    The purpose of this paper was to establish the relationship and the link between financing institutions and the level of development, growth of small and medium enterprises in Mombasa County. In the course of the research it was found out that many factors contribute to the growth and development of...

    Provided By The International Institute for Science, Technology and Education (IISTE)

  • White Papers // Jul 2014

    Pay for Performance...Are You Ready?

    This white paper discussed the elements that comprise a pay-for-performance system and how compensation professionals can effectively implement one. Download your copy of the white paper to learn more about: Pay for performance vs. increase for performance Cost of labor vs. cost of living Differentially rewarding

    Provided By IBM

  • White Papers // Mar 2015

    EMA Report Data Capture and Network Forensics, State-of-the-Market: IBM Security QRadar Incident Forensics vs. Other Industry Tools

    In this analyst report, EMA compare IBM Security QRadar Incident Forensics vs other industry tool and shows why IBM scored the highest overall rating with a score of 3.92. Read More..

    Provided By IBM

  • White Papers // Mar 2015

    IBM Software: Safeguarding the cloud with IBM Dyamic Could Security

    Maintain visibility and control with proven security solutions for public, private and hybrid clouds. IBM Security solutions provide layered protection and deep insight across public, private and hybrid cloud environments. They help organizations manage user identities, protect data and applications, and prevent sophisticated attacks with advanced analytics. Read More..

    Provided By IBM

  • White Papers // Mar 2015

    IBM Software: IBM Security Identity Governance and Administration

    IBM Security Identity Governance and Administration provides an integrated, business-centric approach to help organizations improve security and reduce costs for managing accounts, groups, policies, credentials and access rights throughout the user lifecycle. Read More..

    Provided By IBM

  • White Papers // Feb 2015

    Holistic Fraud Prevention: Transforming the Customer's Experience

    Financial institutions are on a perpetual quest to improve customer engagement to drive increased transactions, account balances, loyalty and ultimately, profitability. Providing exceptional service to online banking customers is particularly critical. Unfortunately, the imprecise, antiquated fraud controls that many financial institutions rely on are not only failing to protect...

    Provided By IBM

  • White Papers // Feb 2015

    Increasing Agility and Speed to Drive Business Growth

    Major changes in the way businesses operate today require the adoption of new approaches to IT. In most cases, companies that want to remain competitive must deploy and leverage hybrid cloud environments, increase their analytics capabilities, extend services to mobile workers and customers, make more efficient use of social media...

    Provided By IBM

  • White Papers // Jun 2014

    Integrated, Secure and Productive: Building the Mobile Enterprise

    Mobility is now a business fact of life. Will your organization be one with mobile capabilities or a truly mobile enterprise? The new IBM white paper “Building the mobile enterprise: integrated, secure and productive” explains the difference and offers a checklist of eight key items to consider when planning your...

    Provided By IBM

  • White Papers // Mar 2015

    Enterprise Mobility Management Smackdown

    Are you looking for an independent overview of the Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions and curious about the different features and functions each EMM vendor is offering?If so, this is a report you MUST read! Ultrabook, Celeron, Celeron Inside, Core Inside, Intel, Intel Logo, Intel Atom, Intel Atom...

    Provided By Dell and Intel®

  • White Papers // Nov 2014

    Build a hybrid cloud: Create A Strategy

    This paper provides context and guidance on how to create a proactive, effective approach to cloud computing and will address these important questions in the process. How do we prepare for the arrival of cloud computing? What considerations should a cloud computing strategy address? How do we utilize cloud to...

    Provided By IBM

  • White Papers // Nov 2014

    Robert Frances Group: The IBM Power Scale-out Advantage

    RFG examines the cost and architectural strengths of IBM’s latest Power Systems scale-out solutions POWER8 against the leading Intel Xeon Ivy Bridge competitive platforms for open source and other Linux-based workloads. Read More..

    Provided By IBM