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  • The Present and Future of Application Protection

    White Papers // Jun 2016 // provided by F5 Networks

    To succeed today, enterprises must broaden their view of security to address all the components at the application level that can expose sensitive data.

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  • Zen of a Connected Business eBook

    White Papers // Jun 2016 // provided by Sage Live

    Millions of business people use different products and apps every day to share financial and customer information with each other. These apps are often key business tools for today’s sales and accounting professionals, but as your business grows, having islands of disconnected data will hold the growth of your business ...

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  • Six Important Considerations When Choosing a Colocation Provider

    White Papers // Jun 2016 // provided by CenturyLink

    Investigate some of the main priorities when choosing a colocation provider. It may seem like all providers generally offer the same service – but it’s important to remember that minor differences between vendors can impact your infrastructure. Explore how each business has different operational dynamics and workflow and how choosing ...

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  • Billable Hours vs. Administration Infographic

    White Papers // Jun 2016 // provided by Sage Live

    Your business could be wasting over $100,000 every year by failing to accurately track time, and by using your most valuable resource (people!) for low-value tasks like data entry and troubleshooting. Check out our infographic to see the specifics from this recent study—plus, learn about the tools that ...

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  • Cisco HyperFlex ™ Systems at a Glance

    White Papers // Jun 2016 // provided by Cisco - Intel

    Explore the benefits of having an infrastructure that combines compute, storage and networking into one manageable and easy-to-use platform. Cisco’s Hyperflex Systems are the first end-to-end, software-designed hyperconverged platform where your Infrastructure will become more agile, efficient and easily adaptable as your business grows. Cisco HyperFlex™ Systems with Intel® ...

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  • Stop DDoS Attacks with Advanced, Effective Protection

    White Papers // Jun 2016 // provided by CloudFlare

    Denial of service (DoS) attacks continue to increase in complexity and magnitude. However, traditional on-premise DoS defenses are ineffective against distributed DoS (DDoS) and distributed reflector (DRDoS) attacks that exceed an organization’s network capacity. Advanced DDoS protection from CloudFlare, which is provisioned as a service at the network edge, ...

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  • Video: Lee and Eric Burgener from IDC on NetApp Flash Portfolio and the SolidFire Acquisition

    Videos // Jun 2016 // provided by NetApp

    NetApp has acquired SolidFire, and combined the performance and economics of all-flash storage with a webscale architecture that radically simplifies data center operations and enables rapid deployments of new applications. Hear IDC's view about the NetApp Flash Portfolio and the integration of SolidFire technology.

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  • eBook: Optimizing DB Storage Optimization for Dummies

    Ebooks // Jun 2016 // provided by NetApp

    One of the most effective ways to address database performance and cost challenges is to modernize the underlying hardware infrastructure. Innovations such as flash storage, converged infrastructure architectures, and sophisticated data management platforms can have a major impact. Learn more in our free eBook: Optimizing Database Storage Performance for Dummies.

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  • 5 Simple Strategies to Get More Leads

    White Papers // Jun 2016 // provided by Citrix

    The Internet and popularity of social media has changed the way customers buy, but many businesses still use old-fashioned strategies for finding new leads. This practical guide examines the best ways to harness lead generation, content marketing, and social media to help you acquire new clients. It provides 5 ...

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  • 30 Business Practices for Remaining Competitive in a Changing Economy

    White Papers // Jun 2016 // provided by Citrix

    With a rapidly changing economy creating both opportunities and risks for almost every business, it’s critical that companies effectively manage this change. To help with that effort, these 30 best practices, organized into five higher-level categories are designed to help businesses manage change.

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