Unified Comms

The unified communications puzzle has come together via video conferencing and various messaging technologies.

  • White Papers // Aug 2009

    On the Performance Gains of VoIP Aggregation and ROHC Over a WirelessMAN-OFDMA Air Interface

    A growing number of mobile WiMAX deployments are in progress worldwide and the technology is anticipated to play a key role in next generation mobile broadband wireless networks. However, although the theoretical potential of WiMAX technologies is already well established, independent, publicly released, thorough evaluations of WiMAX network performance in...

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  • White Papers // Jan 2009

    Office Communications Server & The Right Tools: Less Costs, Easy Management

    Your business needs to unify communications for secure, flexible and real-time information exchanges, and to make legal and regulatory compliance easy. Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 (OCS) is the solution - IF you have a solid migration plan in place and the right tools to work alongside OCS. In...

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  • White Papers // Nov 2008

    Six Steps to Reduce Risk and Improve Control over Real-Time Communications

    Is instant messaging (IM) creating risk in your business? IM has become a key channel for business communications, but it's largely unmanaged. You can lose intellectual property and crucial data, plus face legal issues for inappropriate use. You must mitigate risks, maintain accountability and adopt tools to enforce messaging policies....

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  • White Papers // Oct 2008

    Compliance and Data Loss Prevention in Unified Communications Solutions

    Unified communications drives collaboration for your business. Whether it's e-mail, instant messaging, web and video conferencing or voice, sharing information keeps your business successful and your costs low. But managing a diverse, unified communications environment means security risks, potential loss of information and other dangers. In this Quest white...

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  • White Papers // Aug 2013

    PSA PEUGEOT CITROËN: Achieving Operational Excellence In Plant Maintenance

    Automotive leader PSA Peugeot Citroën wanted to improve productivity in its 28 manufacturing facilities worldwide, 4 technical centers, and 1 tertiary site. PSA replaced its legacy plant maintenance applications with the SAP® Enterprise Asset Management solution and developed standard business processes based on best practices. In the next few years,...

    Provided By SAP

  • White Papers // Jan 2010

    5 Steps to Telecom Transformation for CIO's

    Today's CIO must be a change agent who can do more with less. A holistic viewpoint is essential as the convergence of voice and data casts a dramatic impact on IT organizations. SIP Trunking, unified communications, fixed mobile convergence, new devices and OS's surging into the workplace -- all redefining...

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  • Case Studies // Aug 2009

    Managed Mobility Case Study: USPS

    Companies are struggling to maintain control and visibility of their mobile ecosystems. Managing thousands of wireless devices is even more challenging if you have a decentralized environment and no system for managing plans, spend or usage of those devices. Read how the US Postal Service achieved immediate impact to their...

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  • White Papers // Sep 2008

    Improving the Quality of Communications With Packet Loss Concealment

    In digital transmission of speech and audio signals, lost or corrupted frames and packets can severely degrade audio quality at the receiver. A special technique known as Packet Loss Concealment (PLC) is used to compensate for these quality-robbing effects. This white paper introduces the PLC technologies developed by Broadcom for...

    Provided By Broadcom

  • White Papers // Jan 2009


    Curve, a theater which opened in November 2008 in the UK, needed a highly flexible communications solution that could support both its current communications and customer interaction requirements. Download this case study to see how Curve partnered with NEC to deploy Unified Communications.

    Provided By NEC

  • White Papers // Jan 2009

    Voorhees College

    Voorhees College was paying a high price and receiving minimal value before it replaced its traditional telephone system and Centrex system with UNIVERGE Sphericall IP solution from NEC Sphere Communications, Inc. Download this case study to see how Voorhees College partnered with NEC.

    Provided By NEC

  • White Papers // Aug 2009

    Mobility Enables True Unified Communications

    Deploying UC in conjunction with a mobility solution can increase employee productivity and improve customer service enabling workers to more easily collaborate from disparate locations. Download this whitepaper to see how NEC can partner with you to improve your communication bottlenecks.

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  • White Papers // Feb 2009

    SIP Trunking Is Key to Accelerating Unified Communications Deployments

    Companies today are undergoing a significant transformation to a more global Anywhere Enterprise. Unified Communications (UC) is a crucial component in this evolution and organizations look to collaborate better with an extended enterprise. UC has the power to help companies lower the overall cost of communications, bring worker productivity to...

    Provided By Yankee Group Research

  • White Papers // Sep 2008

    The Evolution of Mobile Unified Communications

    Today, the enterprise is undergoing a significant transformation to a more global Anywhere Enterprise. Enterprise mobility has been a crucial component in starting this evolution. However, historically, enterprise mobility has been about untethering a worker from a fixed location. Although this has been a critical step in truly forming an...

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  • White Papers // Jun 2010

    Beyond MOS - Ensuring VoIP Service Quality

    As VoIP traffic continues to climb, CSPs are faced with the challenge of ensuring VoIP call quality. Monitoring of real-time VoIP services is complex, and existing IP network management solutions need to be augmented with more comprehensive and sophisticated data collection, correlation, and analysis capabilities. These capabilities need to consider...

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  • White Papers // Nov 2012

    The Future is Now: Key Steps to a Game-Changing Data Management Strategy

    We live and work in a rapidly transforming world, where the pace of change is ever increasing, along with our need to manage data. It's not just large amounts of data, but an epic flood of data - what we're now calling "Big Data". Today's data is generated by...

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  • White Papers // Oct 2008

    Unified Communications - Business Gets Personal And Dynamic

    Mobility and Unified Communications (UC) will change the way enterprises interact. User applications that support mobility, multimedia and global reach will enable the kind of UC never experienced before. New opportunities will open up for mobile-service providers during the next couple of years. They will get additional revenue from new...

    Provided By Ericsson

  • White Papers // Jul 2004

    IP Multimedia Subsystem: IMS - Overview and Applications

    This white paper presents an overview of the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS), provides examples of various services that this new environment can offer to end users, and outlines the benefits of IMS as a service delivery environment. The goal is to explain why operators should purchase and deploy such a...

    Provided By 3G Americas

  • White Papers // Oct 2009

    Virtualizing UC: Reaping the Benefits and Understanding the Issues for Real-Time Communications

    Unified Communications (UC) as an industry term is an apt description of the convergence in communications applications that will be deployed in the enterprise as new investments are made. UC is enabled through IP communications and therefore resides on (or has dedicated hooks into) the datacenter. The effort to centralize...

    Provided By IDG (International Data Group)

  • White Papers // Mar 2009

    Seamless Communications: Simplicity, Efficiency, and Transparency Achieved Through Integrated Wireline and Wireless Services

    This White Paper provides analysis of the convergence between wire line and wireless technologies and the opportunities this evolution offers to enterprises looking to reduce costs, minimize complexity, and improve worker productivity. The paper discusses the high-level trends around fixed-mobile convergence (FMC) as well as the opportunities and challenges that...

    Provided By IDG (International Data Group)

  • White Papers // May 2010

    Understanding the Spectrum: Videoconferencing to Telepresence Solutions

    Videoconferencing and telepresence in particular give organizations the ability to effectively message and align an entire company. Videoconferencing and telepresence not only help executives communicate critical messaging to employees but also allow organizations to scale critical human capital so that key leaders can be virtually present in multiple locations simultaneously....

    Provided By IDG (International Data Group)

  • White Papers // Aug 2008

    A Distributed Scheduling Algorithm With QoS Provisions in Multi-Hop Wireless Mesh Networks

    Multi-hop Wireless Mesh Networks (WMNs) are considered a promising technology to backhaul heterogeneous data traffic from wireless access networks to the wired Internet. WMNs are expected to support various types of applications with diverse Quality of Service (QoS) requirements, such as end-to-end packet delay, throughput, and Packet-Error-Rate (PER). Recent works...

    Provided By Imperial College London

  • White Papers // Nov 2010

    HOSPITAL: Host and Network System Profiler and Internet Traffic Analyzer

    The ever-increasing complexity and diversity of the Internet pose several challenges to network operators and administrators and, in general, Internet users. More specifically, because of the diversity in applications and usage patterns; the prevalence of dynamic IP addresses and applications that do not conform to standard configuration (e.g. VoIP to...

    Provided By University of Minnesota

  • White Papers // Oct 2008

    Scalable Network Architecture for Supporting Desktop Video in Education

    Video is leaving the video conference room and becoming a standard communication tool. High-speed IP networks such as GEANT2 in Europe and Internet2 in the USA are creating opportunities for roll out of bandwidth hungry applications such as HD desktop video across countries and continents. Desktop video will have a...

    Provided By Emerging Technologies

  • White Papers // May 2011

    All About Microsoft: CodeTracker

    Revised - July, 2011 Can't keep Midori straight from MinSafe? Unsure how Red Dog, Cosmos and Zurich fit in Microsoft's cloud OS picture? Tracking Microsoft's myriad codenames is an (almost) full-time occupation. And Mary Jo Foley knows that better than anyone, as she spends many of her waking...

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  • White Papers // Apr 2010

    The Big 4: Top Considerations in Choosing a VoIP Provider

    When SMBs are looking for new ways to reduce telecom costs, why are more of them turning to voice over IP? VoIP is a market-proven technology using the Internet to carry voice and data traffic on the same core network. Get best practices advice for transitioning first to VoIP, and...

    Provided By Megapath

  • White Papers // Apr 2010

    Countdown to Satisfaction: Practical Guidance to Hosted VoIP

    Companies are adopting Voice over IP (VoIP) communications, with hosted solutions becoming increasingly popular. What are the cost savings of VoIP over traditional telephony when it's enhanced with the convenience of fully managed services and flexible packages? Get practical guidance on choosing enterprise-grade, cloud-based IP phone service to connect all...

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  • Downloads // Apr 2010

    MegaPath Duet Voice & Data Flash Presentation

    Spend 3 minutes with this easy-to-understand demo and learn how Duet integrated voice and data combines business class phone service and high-speed T1 or SDSL broadband access into one low monthly rate - saving money while providing your company with the business class features you need to grow. Unlike consumer...

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  • White Papers // Jun 2010

    Top 10 Reasons for Switching to Hosted Voice for Business

    Experts believe businesses that don't make the switch to VoIP now will be playing catch-up in a few years. When your phone system is hosted on a private, multi-redundant nationwide network, there's no reason to wait. Learn how hosted VoIP allows businesses to make calls using broadband connectivity.

    Provided By Megapath

  • White Papers // Feb 2012

    Controlling Applications by Managing Network Characteristics

    Edge network operators have limited tools to control activities on their networks. This paper examines network dissuasion, a new approach to edge network control, based on controlling the fundamental parameters of the network, such as loss rate, delay, and jitter, with the intention of making particular uses of a network...

    Provided By University of California

  • White Papers // Feb 2010

    Case Study - WebEx Communciations inc

    WebEx uses Minjet's MindManager software to streamline their project management and allow for better communication of plans to both clients and the teams. By being better able to visualise their projects has ensured they stay on-track and everyone involved is better informed.

    Provided By Mindjet

  • White Papers // Mar 2012

    Real Time Traffic Classification and Prioritisation on a Home Router Using DIFFUSE

    Quality of Service (QoS) is important in multi-user residential networks that share a common bandwidth-constrained Internet connection. A limited upstream bandwidth can become a bottleneck and the performance of delay-sensitive applications - such as VoIP and online games - can degrade significantly when latency is introduced by other traffic flows....

    Provided By Swinburne University of Technology

  • White Papers // Oct 2008

    The GEIA-ACCENT Web Portal on Emissions

    GEIA, the Global Emissions Inventory Activity, is an integrating project of the AIMES (Analysis, Integration and Modeling of the Earth System) project of the International Geosphere Biosphere (IGBP) program. Over the past four years, GEIA has established strong links with the ACCENT European network that coordinates the European activities on...

    Provided By University of Colorado

  • Podcasts // Feb 2013

    The TELUS Leadership Philosophy

    TELUS' Dan Pontefract highlights the parallels TELUS sees between Skillsoft’s asset offerings and the TELUS Leadership Philosophy, which focuses on engagement, connection and collaboration before execution.

    Provided By SkillSoft

  • White Papers // Sep 2009

    A Multi-Robot System for Unconfined Video-Conferencing

    Telepresence or tele-immersion technologies allow people to attend a shared meeting without being physically present in the same location. Commercial telepresence solutions available in the market today have significant drawbacks - they are very expensive, and confine people to the area covered by stationary cameras. This paper presents a mobile...

    Provided By University of Minnesota

  • White Papers // Feb 2010

    Multi-Robot System for Unconfined Video-Conferencing

    Telepresence or tele-immersion technologies allow people to attend a shared meeting without being physically present in the same location. Commercial telepresence solutions available in the market today have significant drawbacks - they are very expensive, and confine people to the area covered by stationary cameras. This paper presents a mobile...

    Provided By University of Minnesota

  • White Papers // Aug 2008

    Mobile Social Networking: The New Ecosystem

    When interactivity is combined with unified communications and location awareness, next-generation social networks will have significant business value. Unified communications integrates the wide variety of voice, data, video and collaboration tools that business professionals use today into a single environment. This can dramatically improve the speed of decision-making by connecting...

    Provided By Computerworld

  • White Papers // Aug 2008

    The Promise of Mobile Unified Communications

    Mobile unified communications allows organizations to provide employees with the ability to collaborate and communicate efficiently, as well as access information on-demand. An exclusive Computerworld online survey offers insight into how companies can develop cost-effective strategies for implementing or improving mobile applications and foster an efficient workplace. Much of the...

    Provided By Research In Motion

  • White Papers // Jul 2012

    Improving Messaging and UC System Availability in Three Simple Steps

    Your Unified Communications (UC) environment drives the exchange of information for your business. Whether it's e-mail, instant messaging, web and video conferencing or voice, sharing information is what keeps your business operational. Downtime for any duration can be a potential disaster. This white paper explores the core components of...

    Provided By Dell Software

  • White Papers // Jan 2010

    Performance of VoIP Call Set-Up Over Satellite-UMTS Using Session Initiation Protocol

    Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is an application layer signalling protocol used in the IP-based Universal Mobile Telecommunication Systems (UMTS) network for establishing multimedia sessions. With a satellite component identified to play an integral role in UMTS, there is a need also to support SIP-based session establishment over Satellite-UMTS (S-UMTS) to...

    Provided By University of Surrey

  • White Papers // May 2012

    How to gain total message system visibility

    Today's multi-platform unified messaging systems have advanced from standalone email, voice and real-time communications. It is critical for organisations to have solutions to help them monitor and manage their environment to keep it secure and performing at the highest possible level. Read this business brief to see how Quest MessageStats...

    Provided By Dell Software