Business are reaping the rewards of faster, simplified and efficient infrastructures through virtualization.

  • Downloads // Apr 2014

    Comprehensive Virtualization Management - From VM to Spindle

    SolarWinds Virtualization Manager delivers integrated VMware & Microsoft Hyper-V capacity planning, performance monitoring, VM sprawl control, configuration management, & chargeback automation. All in one awesomely affordable product that’s easy to download, deploy, and use. Virtualization Manager auto-discovers the virtual machines in your environment making the creation of your monitoring environment...

    Provided By SolarWinds

  • White Papers // Oct 2009

    A Virtual Connectivity Layer for Grids

    Computational grids are now mainstream facilities for e-research worldwide. While enterprise grids exist within organizations, national grids have become common, usually consisting of government as well as academic facilities. Such facilities are not uncommonly lenient with blanket policies to allow inbound and outbound grid traffic. This is far from ideal,...

    Provided By Monash University

  • White Papers // May 2014

    Dell Antivirus Protection for Virtual Desktops

    Dell virtual desktop solutions include the hardware, software, and services to centralize workforce data on servers, rather than on individual desktops. Dell Virtual Integrated System management architecture provides the tools that businesses need in order to design, implement, and maintain VDI environments.Read this whitepaper to find out more.

    Provided By Dell

  • White Papers // May 2014

    Dell Cloud Client DVS Adoption

    Desktop virtualization can provide clear and quantifiable benefits to organizations of all sizes. However, many organizations have approached adoption of desktop virtualization with caution because deployments are perceived to be complex, and there are lingering concerns about security, performance, and cost.This whitepaper illustrates why desktop virtualization is quickly approaching an...

    Provided By Dell

  • Videos // Apr 2014

    Whiteboard: Delivering Desktops and Applications as a Service

    VMware® Horizon View™ makes it easy to deliver desktops and applications as a service to your end users on top of your existing vSphere™ platform. Watch this whiteboard video from VMware reference architect, Tristan Todd, for a brief lesson on how to successfully deploy View for a flexible and secure...

    Provided By VMware

  • White Papers // Apr 2014

    Top 3 Reasons for IT to Adopt Desktop Virtualization

    Driven by trends such as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and the consumerization of IT, organizations are increasingly adopting desktop virtualization. Even though these companies are driving down costs and improving operational efficiencies, some IT departments remain cautious and even downright skeptical about desktop virtualization. But with new hardware advancements—such...

    Provided By VMware

  • Webcasts // May 2012

    SYN103: Best practices for provisioning XenDesktop

    Citrix provides two ways to deliver virtual desktops from a single shared OS image: Machine Creation Services (MCS) and ProVisioning Services (PVS). In this webcast, the presenter will also describe how the user can learn about both of these technologies, how they can make their virtual desktop environment easier and...

    Provided By Citrix Systems

  • Webcasts // Aug 2013

    SolarWinds Virtualization Manager Overview

    In this webcast, the presenter explains about the virtualization manager. The speaker describe an overview of virtualization manager and some of its key features including alerts, dashboards, performance monitoring, capacity planning, and VM sprawl management.

    Provided By SolarWind

  • Podcasts // Feb 2012

    Using Virtualization Tools in Windows 7

    In this podcast, the speaker explains how the user can use free virtualization tools in any edition of Windows 7 to keep valuable and useful older software working in a safe and secure way.

    Provided By O'Reilly

  • White Papers // Jun 2014

    IBM Server Managed Services Benefit Assessment Tool

    Use IBM's assessment tool to learn how you can increase server efficiency and availability while lowering costs. The IBM Server Managed Services Benefit Assessment helps you identify how an IBM Managed Services solution can: Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of Server Management Improve Server Resource...

    Provided By IBM

  • White Papers // Aug 2014

    Virtual Desktop Acquisition Cost Analysis

    App and desktop virtualization is much more than a technology solution. It is transforming the way organizations of all sizes are enabling their workforces while simplifying the desktop management process for IT administrators.

    Provided By Citrix

  • Podcasts // Nov 2013

    PHD Virtual Recovery Time Actual (RTA) Tool

    In this podcast, the speaker describes the new free Recovery Time Actual (RTA) tool that PHD virtual created to allow IT professionals to calculate and determine their actual recovery time objectives within a matter of seconds or minutes.

    Provided By DABCC

  • Webcasts // Feb 2013

    VMware Horizon Suite Overview

    The VMware Horizon Suite platform for workforce mobility, it connects end users to their data and applications on any device without sacrificing IT security and control. IT can transform technology silos of desktops, data and applications into centralized IT services and improve operational efficiency, security and agility through policy-based management.

    Provided By DABCC

  • Podcasts // Feb 2013

    Splunk App for Citrix XenApp

    The Splunk for Citrix XenApp allows administrators to very easily correlate data across all components of all the user's XenApp deployments. When a performance issues arises, this 360 degree view provides a concise and detailed snapshot of any point in time, allowing administrators to quickly pinpoint and resolve any issues.

    Provided By DABCC

  • Webcasts // Jul 2014

    Overview of the Citrix Client Virtualization Solution

    In this webcast, the presenter explains about how the Citrix client virtualization solution and Intel Core processors that helps the organization to manage and secure Windows and Mac devices. The client virtualization solution includes both XenClient and DesktopPlayer.

    Provided By Citrix Systems

  • Webcasts // Nov 2013

    Datacenter Virtualization Application Considerations and Best Practices

    In this webcast, the presenter discusses the accelerating trend of datacenter virtualization. They presenter also explain the applications within this environment, some of the challenges and best practice approaches, so the companies can leverage to ensure that applications function properly in a virtualized environment.

    Provided By DABCC

  • Webcasts // Nov 2013

    Supporting Enterprise Application Virtualization Technologies and Processes

    In this webcast, the presenter discusses key considerations for software producers as they begin to support their enterprise customers that leverage application virtualization solutions. They presenter also discuss the benefits of ensuring compatibility with, and packages created for, the leading application virtualization solutions.

    Provided By DABCC

  • Podcasts // Oct 2013

    Deploying Virtual Machine from Template

    Deploying a virtual machine using a template is similar to creating a new virtual machine from a template. The new virtual machine will have the virtual hardware, installed software, and other properties based on the template configuration. Deploying a virtual machine from a template is a time-saving functionality to create...

    Provided By DABCC

  • Webcasts // Apr 2013

    The RES Workstation Virtualization Vision

    In this webcast, the presenter discusses the current forces at work in IT, how they are creating challenges for IT professionals and how RES Software can help overcome these obstacles to make IT more productive.

    Provided By DABCC

  • Podcasts // Mar 2013

    Liquidware Labs Stratusphere FIT Assessment Reports

    In this podcast, the speaker explain about the desktop transformation solutions for next generation desktops with solutions that support VDI assessment, user state virtualization and profile management, user experience management, Windows 7 assessment and migration.

    Provided By DABCC

  • Webcasts // Mar 2013

    Fellowes Desktop Virtualization Case Study with Citrix XenDesktop, IBM and Atlantis ILIO

    In this webcast, the presenter discusses about why the people transformed their desktop computing using desktop virtualization to avoid the cost of physical PCs, improve the user experience and increase productivity.

    Provided By DABCC

  • White Papers // Aug 2014

    Tech Tips: Backup and Recovery for Your IT Environment

    VMware vSphere® Data ProtectionTM is a backup-and-recovery solution that provides reliable, space-efficient, disk-based data protection for VMware virtual machines. Leveraging mature, proven technology from EMC Avamar, vSphere Data Protection is fully integrated with VMware vCenterTM Server and the vSphere Web Client – for easy deployment and management. Read more...

    Provided By VMware

  • White Papers // Aug 2014

    Unrivalled Cloud Stories

    See how IT leaders in public and private sector organisations across Europe are delivering transformational results by building on the virtualization investments they’ve already made. Read more...

    Provided By VMware

  • White Papers // Aug 2014

    The Practitioner’s Guide to the VMware vCloud Suite: Top Five Questions

    This paper gives an overview of the editions, and addresses the top five questions asked by practitioners who want to better understand and effectively use the capabilities of vCloud Suite. Read more...

    Provided By VMware

  • White Papers // Aug 2011

    ReClick - A Modular Dataplane Design Framework for FPGA-Based Network Virtualization

    Network virtualization has emerged as a powerful technique to deploy novel services and experimental protocols over shared network infrastructures. Although recent research has highlighted Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) as attractive platforms for high performance network virtualization, these devices remain inaccessible to the larger networking research community due to the...

    Provided By University of Maryland University College

  • White Papers // Jul 2014

    Assessing the Business Value of Unified Communications

    Download this white paper to learn how you can measure the benefits of UC from reduced costs, increased availability, and improved IT. Read more...

    Provided By HP US

  • White Papers // Aug 2014

    The Top Virtualization Myths Debunked

    The following information brief explores some of the most commonly expressed concerns about virtualization – to help you distinguish fact from fiction. Read more..

    Provided By VMware

  • White Papers // Jun 2014

    Desktop Virtualization for Wealth Management and Insurance

    The computer desktop has been in existence for a little over 30 years, but in the last 10 years it has moved to notebooks and increasingly towards smart mobile devices. Now with advancements in technology, the desktop is increasingly found in the cloud thanks to virtual desktop infrastructure.

    Provided By VMware

  • Webcasts // Jun 2014

    Extend the Benefits of VMware Horizon 6 with Liquidware Labs

    VMware Horizon 6 provides more options than ever to deliver workspaces to the users tailored to their needs and requirements. In this webcast, the presenter will explain about the benefits of VMware Horizon 6. The presenter will also cover how the user can use their solutions and established methodology of...

    Provided By DABCC

  • Podcasts // Feb 2014

    Top 8 Use Cases for Virtual Desktops

    In this podcast, the speaker will discover the top eight uses for application and desktop virtualization, including mobilizing Windows apps, refreshing desktop PCs and managing BYOD arrangements. It helps the user to learn how to deliver the right desktop to the right user in a cost-effective way, how to provide...

    Provided By DABCC

  • Webcasts // Jan 2014

    NET5521 - vSphere Distributed Switch - Design and Best Practices

    VMware vSphere Distributed Switch (VDS) is the key foundational component of the virtual networking as well as the new network virtualization abstraction layer in any data center. The VDS provides simplified management, performance, scale, visibility, troubleshooting tools and security to the virtual network.

    Provided By DABCC

  • Podcasts // Dec 2013

    vSphere 5.5: First Look and Tips and Tricks

    In this podcast, the speaker explains about VMware vSphere 5.5 packs in loads of new features for the users VMware infrastructure. It helps the user to learn about what new storage and network features are included with vSphere 5.5, what changes are in the API frameworks with vSphere 5.5 and...

    Provided By DABCC

  • White Papers // Apr 2013

    Performance Optimization Under a Virtualized Environment

    Virtualization technology has found a renewed interest owing to the need for cost-efficient operations, better manageability and increased availability of systems. The increased use of physical resources introduces new bottlenecks in performance. This paper proposes methods trying to eliminate these bottlenecks and achieve close to native performance for various guest...

    Provided By Journal of Global Research in Computer Science (JGRCS)

  • White Papers // Aug 2014

    ESG Lab Validation Report - Best Practices for Virtual Machine Backup and Recovery

    In recent ESG research, more than three-quarters (77%) of respondents reported that they were currently using server virtualization. More often IT organizations struggle to find the best methods for protecting virtual and physical machines. This ESG Lab Validation report looks at achieving best practices for virtual machine backup and recovery...

    Provided By Symantec

  • White Papers // Feb 2015

    A Comparative Analysis of Various Aspects of Different Collaborative Virtual Learning Environments

    Tremendous growth of information and communication technology brought crucial changes in the every part of society including education. It has also raised the interest of researchers & educational practitioners who wants to combine its capabilities with the World Wide Web to facilitate the creation of online collaborative virtual environments over...

    Provided By International Journal of Advance Research in Science and Engineering (IJARSE)

  • White Papers // Mar 2015

    Virtual Reality Application in Design, Prototypeand Test Drive Processes in Automotive Industry

    Currently, most researchers find out that Virtual Reality (VR) systems are now a highly implemented in automotive industry especially in design and development process. The automotive industry was amongst applied this technology since VR was developed. In the real manufacturing practice, they need to cater the demand in shortening the...

    Provided By International Journal of Advance Research in Science and Engineering (IJARSE)

  • White Papers // Oct 2014

    Ovum InfoGraphic - Tame the Cloud with Cloud Management

    The role of cloud virtualization is expanding into apps, servers, storage and networks. A pain point of Cloud Fragmentation can be resolved with Virtualization and Cloud Management. This infograph helps to explain the features and capabilities, execution and market impact of HP CloudSystem.

    Provided By HP

  • White Papers // Oct 2014

    Five Ways Network Virtualization Will Revolutionize IT

    Discover how Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) will revolutionize IT and change the way you think about network connectivity and perhaps even application development. This white paper is written for networking professionals but it may offer valuable insight for those in cross-functional roles such as DevOps, server virtualization, and data center...

    Provided By Global Knowledge

  • Webcasts // Oct 2014

    On-demand Webcast: Ensure High Availability for Virtual Resources

    Is your company reaping the benefits of virtualization? Although virtual resources are faster to deploy and manage than hardware, they come with significant risks. Can you say for certain that the VMs in your data center are operating at SLA-required availability levels? "Five nines" is the gold standard for...

    Provided By Veeam Software

  • White Papers // Sep 2014

    Forrester - Expand Your Virtual Infrastructure With Confidence And Control

    Is your virtualized infrastructure operating at peak efficiency and performance? If your infrastructure is growing while your IT headcount is flat, most likely you have a hard time answering that question with confidence. In December 2013, VMware commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate how small and midsize companies manage virtualization...

    Provided By VMware