From servers to storage and networking, virtualization is the technology that drives efficiency and convergence. Go behind the hypervisor hype and discover actionable advice and expertise here.

  • The best startegy to manage your cash flow

    White Papers // Feb 2016 // provided by Sage Software

    Through this white paper you will learn how to increase your sales through customer feedback, the 8 best ways to ask for payments and how to stay on top of your cash flow. Learn more..

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  • Data Protection for Virtual Environments

    White Papers // Feb 2016 // provided by IBM

    IBM Spectrum Protect solutions are designed to protect VMware and Windows Hyper-V environments with a choice of techniques, enabling a choice of service levels. Spectrum Protect helps administrators adjust backups easily, as larger and more critical workloads are hosted on virtual machines. Backup options include transferring block-level data from snapshots ...

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  • Desktop Virtualization: Reduce Costs, Improve Efficiencies with Proven VDI Solutions

    White Papers // Feb 2016 // provided by Citrix

    VDI has historically had the reputation of being complex and expensive. But technology has advanced rapidly and businesses are saving with desktop virtualization in a variety of use cases.

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  • Not All Clouds Are Created Equal

    White Papers // Feb 2016 // provided by Acquia

    The evolution of the web has dramatically changed how organizations interact with their customers. In order to keep up with customer expectations, innovative organizations have started leveraging cloud based web-hosting. However, web-hosting alone does not provide the speed and agility required to build broader digital experiences required to maximize customer ...

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  • Virtualize With Red Hat Maximize Performance Minimize Cost (French)

    White Papers // Feb 2016 // provided by Red Hat

    With virtualization now a commodity technology, total cost of ownership and price/performance are the most important factors in choosing the best virtualization platform for your enterprise. Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization is the highest performing, most scalable enterprise virtualization platform on the market, and features the lowest TCO available. Read more...

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  • Advanced Virtual And Cloud Management For VMware Environments And Beyond

    White Papers // Feb 2016 // provided by Red Hat

    Whether you are focused on gaining control of your virtualization environment or are seeking to put management capabilities in place to operate a private or hybrid cloud, Red Hat® CloudForms can do both. CloudForms, a comprehensive management platform, is designed to secure your investment for the future and eliminate disparate ...

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  • High Performance with Distributed Caching

    White Papers // Feb 2016 // provided by Couchbase

    By caching frequently accessed data in memory – rather than making round trips to the backend database – applications can deliver highly responsive experiences that today’s users expect. And by reducing workloads on backend resources and network calls to the backend, caching can significantly lower capital and operating costs.

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  • The Build vs. Buy Decision: Exploring a Third Alternative

    White Papers // Feb 2016 // provided by Impetus Technologies

    When acquiring a real-time streaming analytics platform! As enterprises realize the power of real-time information, streaming analytics platforms are fast becoming a must-have technology for enterprises. This whitepaper explores the classic IT conundrum of build vs buy, specifically in terms of acquiring a real-time streaming analytics platform. ...

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  • NetSuite Delivers Performance for Wholesale Distribution

    Ebooks // Feb 2016 // provided by NetSuite Inc.

    Many firms—including those in the wholesale distribution sector—have achieved more efficient and business operations by using cloud-based ERP. Whatever the variations on the theme, wholesale distributors face challenges ranging from tight margins to supply chain and delivery-carrier dependencies. Succeeding in this demanding and fast-paced sector requires that companies operate with ...

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  • Future-proof Architecture for Streaming Data Analytics

    White Papers // Feb 2016 // provided by Impetus Technologies

    Are you ready to reap the benefits of streaming analytics, but are worried about investing in new technology that could rapidly become outdated? The solution lies in “future- proofing.” Learn how to leverage the steady flow of advanced streaming analytics application development technologies and future-proof the solution. Download this white ...

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