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  • White Papers // Apr 2009

    Parallels Virtuozzo Containers: An Introduction to OS Virtualization and Parallels Virtuozzo Containers

    Today's IT organizations are dealing with the consequences of exploding IT infrastructure growth and complexity. While computing resources continue to increase in power, organizations are unable to fully utilize them in single application deployments and cannot change computing resource assignments easily when application or business requirements change. At the root...

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  • White Papers // Apr 2009

    Parallels VDI Solutions

    Desktop computing has become a core technology for enterprise infrastructures providing end users with a customizable and flexible environment but it has also brought a series of challenges that have resulted in high operational costs as enterprises have installed 100's or even 1000's of these devices into their IT environments....

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  • White Papers // Apr 2009

    Total Cost of Ownership Analysis: Parallels Virtuozzo Containers Vs Traditional Hypervisor Virtualization

    With the current economic climate, companies are looking for opportunities to control IT costs. Server consolidations have long been a source for great cost reductions, and using Parallels Virtuozzo Containers results in a much lower total cost of ownership than traditional hypervisor technologies. The lower total cost of ownership resulting...

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  • White Papers // May 2009

    VDI Sizing: A Competitive Comparison of VDI Solution Sizing Between Parallels VDI Versus VMware VDI

    Parallels VDI solution is an integrated desktop solution providing enterprise-class control and manageability to the organization while maintaining the existing end-user experience. Parallels VDI solution can support up to 140 desktop images per server under the ?Light Worker Load?. In comparison, the VMware VDI solution tests show a result of...

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  • White Papers // Jul 2009

    Solution Guide Parallels Virtualization for Linux

    Linux was designed to be UNIX-compatible software that was composed entirely of open source or free software components. Linux derives much of its design principles from those established in the 1970's by UNIX. These principles include a single kernel that handles process control, file system access, networking and peripheral device...

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  • White Papers // Nov 2012

    Gain Accurate Insights Into Client Virtualization

    If user expect users client virtualization implementation project to be successful, user first need to understand the current load and usage characteristics of users existing physical desktops. That means user need to have an accurate understanding of application usage and resource usage, which includes CPU, memory, and disk input/output. Here's...

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  • White Papers // Jan 2013

    Mobility Redefines the Way We Interact with IT

    The influence of this productivity shift can be felt in every aspect of the way user consume all IT services. Universal access means productivity can be achieved on any device, no matter what connectivity options are available. This new era will redefine how productivity is achieved by tapping into this...

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  • Case Studies // Jul 2013

    Aiming High - A major European financial institution strives to become the best IT-enabled bank

    As a senior IT executive, imagine if you could readily control and prioritise projects, understand IT contribution across your entire business and demonstrate its measurable business value. Download this case study to learn how a major European bank deployed a solution based on HP IT Performance Suite to improve transparency,...

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  • White Papers // Jul 2013

    Enlightened data center automation in the cloud age

    How to achieve transformative efficiency gains - without disrupting IT Forward-looking companies are realizing that automation is an absolute prerequisite for migration to the cloud-and the key to a smooth, non-disruptive transition to hybrid service delivery. They are also learning that the move to the cloud is a process,...

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  • White Papers // Jul 2013

    Managing performance in dynamic IT environments

    The rise of virtualized, cloud, and software-defined data centers requires new approaches to performance management. These next-generation data centers virtualize IT resources to enable the pooling and sharing of infrastructure components, to increase IT agility, and to improve the economics of data center operations. This forward-looking approach to the...

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  • White Papers // Jul 2013

    Measuring up to modern performance practices

    It seems there is no rest for the weary as companies combine new challenges with the increased pressure to operate more efficiently, produce valuable results more quickly, and operate with fewer resources. The need to virtualize application dependencies is critical to success. There is real pressure to start performance testing...

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  • White Papers // Jul 2013

    Virtualization management in HP Server Automation 10.0

    Complete visibility and lifecycle management of all physical and virtual machine environments from a single tool HP Server Automation software (HP SA) version 10.0 introduces new virtualization management features, which help customers achieve full visibility and complete lifecycle management of their physical and virtual machine environments from a single...

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  • White Papers // Aug 2013

    Squeeze more power from virtualization

    Like most promising new technologies, virtualization has its dark side. Production environments are far more complex - and herein lies the challenge for IT organizations traveling down the virtualization road. The typical IT infrastructure for a production environment involves a staggering amount of relationships and dependencies among IT elements that...

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  • Videos // Aug 2013

    Video: Taming Virtualization sprawl with HP Server Automation

    Joe DeBlaquiere, HP Server Automation Product Manager, and Andy Mackay, HP Server Automation Product Marketing, take you through how customers can achieve full visibility and complete lifecycle management of their physical and virtual machine environments from a single tool using HP Server Automation.

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  • Videos // Aug 2013

    Video: HP Cloud Automation - Deliver end to end automated infrastructure to application services

    The cloud beckons a wide array of IT services delivered quickly and painlessly. Hybrid service delivery is not just a project it is a process that requires automation as a prerequisite.

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  • Videos // Aug 2013

    Webcast: 4 Keys to Managing Performance in Virtualized and Cloud Environments

    Ensuring the performance of business services has become more critical, as a growing percentage of applications and workloads are moved to virtualized infrastructure, cloud services and hybrid environments. This webinar provides virtualization, cloud and systems administrators as well as systems engineers with practical tips for detecting, isolating and diagnosing performance...

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  • White Papers // Sep 2013

    HP As-a-Service Solution for SAP HANA

    Find out how you can analyze big data and unlock real-time insight - without investing in software licenses and hardware - with SAP HANA provided through a cost-effective as-a-service model. Download this service brief to learn more.

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  • White Papers // Jan 2014

    Avoiding the Stall: Riding the Momentum of the Next Levels of Datacentre Virtualisation

    IT executives at organizations large and small have successfully virtualised a large portion of their server infrastructure over the past five years. Today, over 50% of all applications run as virtual machines (VMs) on a virtualised server, and in many large organizations, levels of virtualisation often exceed 80%. This...

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  • White Papers // Mar 2014

    Protecting Critical Business Information Beyond the Data Center

    Mobile working has become the norm rather than the exception. However, protecting the information that resides on a wide array of distributed endpoints is quite challenging – especially when it comes to backup and recovery. Discover why data protection for distributed environments differs from traditional server backup and recovery...

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  • White Papers // Oct 2013

    Capitalize on the Next Phase of Virtualization

    Organizations today are moving beyond traditional server virtualization and advancing their virtualization strategies into all aspects of the IT. Learn more about how virtualization is expanding into storage, networking and management along with the value a converged system can offer your organization in reaching your virtualization potential. Read on to...

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  • White Papers // Dec 2013

    Mind the Virtual Gap - Convergence of Everything

    In the last 7 years, virtualization has profoundly changed the IT world. In 2013, even though the latest buzz may have shifted towards cloud computing, big data and mobility, virtualization remains the foundation for all of the above With wide ranging benefits that include reduced capital and operational costs, greater...

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  • White Papers // Dec 2013

    Converged Infrastructure Matures And Proves Its Value

    Converged infrastructure (CI) solutions have been widely adopted by a range of enterprises, and they offer significant value across a variety of applications. Forrester has seen steady growth in deployment of CI, systems that integrate server, storage, networking, I/O virtualization, and potentially entire application stacks, over the past couple of...

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  • eBooks // Apr 2013

    The Blade Is Mightier than the Rack Server

    With the typical data center rack, every time you add a new server, you have to add more cables, more interconnects, more switches, more power, and on and on. It's almost impossible to make changes without having meeting after meeting, and then, eventually, someone is going to have to go...

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  • White Papers // Apr 2013

    Too Many Racks? Simplify with Bladesystem, HP's Advanced Blade Infrastructure

    In the data center, many rack-mount servers perform well enough, but are reaching the point where they're proving difficult to maintain. The design of the rack is increasing the complexity of the data center, increasing the time it takes to get anything done, and reducing the overall efficiency of not...

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  • White Papers // Apr 2009

    Benefits of a Virtualized Data Center

    Server virtualization is one of the hottest trends in the IT industry today. Server virtualization has its roots in the IBM mainframe world of the 60s, had a rebirth in the late 90s, and finally came of age in 2007. Since that coming of age, the market penetration of server...

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  • Downloads // Feb 2010

    10 issues to consider during virtualization planning

    Virtualizing your servers offers significant advantages, but effective planning is crucial to your success. Make sure you have satisfactory answers to these key questions before you get underway.This download is also available as an entry in our 10 Things blog.

    Provided By Brien Posey

  • Webcasts // Jan 2010

    Application Virtualization: Easy Application Distribution at Last?

    Application Virtualization is a breakthrough technology that eliminates a number of issues that inherently make application deployment so complex. Are the days of the Windows Installer-based deployments numbered? Microsoft has already removed Windows Installer as a logo requirement for Windows 7. How will these changes affect administrators focused on application...

    Provided By KACE

  • White Papers // Feb 2009

    Trusted Privacy Domains - Challenges for Trusted Computing in Privacy-Protecting Information Sharing

    With the growing use of the Internet, users need to reveal an increasing amount of private information when accessing online services, and, with growing integration, this information is shared among services. Although progress was achieved in acknowledging the need to design privacy-friendly systems and protocols, there are still no satisfactory...

    Provided By Ruhr-Universitat Bochum

  • White Papers // Jun 2009

    Virtual-GEMS: An Infrastructure to Simulate Virtual Machines

    Off late, virtualization has become a hot topic in computer architecture research. The cost reduction and management simplification brought by server consolidation are good reasons why virtualization has become so popular. But there is a lack of tools for researchers to seek new proposals of architectures that improve the performance...

    Provided By University of Murcia

  • White Papers // Apr 2011

    The Best of Both Worlds With On-Demand Virtualization

    Virtualization offers many benefits such as live migration, resource consolidation, and checkpointing. However, there are many cases where the overhead of virtualization is too high to justify for its merits. Most desktop and laptop PCs and many large web properties run natively because the benefits of virtualization are too small...

    Provided By University of Wisconsin-Madison

  • White Papers // Dec 2010

    Virtual Snooping: Filtering Snoops in Virtualized Multi-Cores

    Virtualization has been rapidly expanding its applications in numerous server and desktop environments to improve the utilization and manageability of physical systems. Such proliferation of virtualized systems opens a new opportunity to improve the scalability of future multi-core architectures. Among the scalability bottlenecks in multi-cores, cache coherence has been a...

    Provided By Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

  • White Papers // Jul 2010

    A Spatial Publish Subscribe Overlay for Massively Multiuser Virtual Environments

    Peer-To-Peer (P2P) architectures have become popular for designing scalable Virtual Environments (VEs) in recent years. However, one question that remains is whether a single overlay can be flexible enough to support different types of VEs. The authors present S-VON, a P2P overlay that attempts this goal by providing Spatial Publish/Subscribe...

    Provided By University of Hohenheim

  • White Papers // Sep 2009

    Dynamic Load Management of Virtual Machines in a Cloud Architectures

    Cloud infrastructures must accommodate changing demands for different types of processing with heterogeneous workloads and time constraints. In a similar context, dynamic management of virtualized application environments is becoming very important to exploit computing resources, especially with recent virtualization capabilities that allow live sessions to be moved transparently between servers....

    Provided By University of Modena and Reggio Emilia

  • White Papers // Dec 2008

    Managing Virtualization Within Data Center Consolidation

    At first look, consolidating data centers should make managing and monitoring performance easier because the infrastructure and IT organizations are more centralized. However, there are new challenges that can impact overall service quality within a consolidated environment - cross-domain collaboration and virtualization of applications. This paper will evaluate the new...

    Provided By Fluke Networks

  • White Papers // May 2009

    Evaluating the Current Methods of Server Virtualization, and Determining the Benefits Associated With Virtualization

    The current worldwide economic situation has IT departments attempting to comply with the company's insatiable demand for speed, security, and availability of network servers on a reduced budget. The growing availability of virtualization solutions provides the IT manager with a viable option to satisfy the company's requirements. Server Virtualization offers...

    Provided By Bowie State University

  • White Papers // Aug 2011

    Group-Based Memory Deduplication for Virtualized Clouds

    In virtualized clouds, machine memory is known as a resource that primarily limits consolidation level due to the expensive cost of hardware extension and power consumption. To address this limitation, various memory deduplication techniques have been proposed to increase available machine memory by eliminating memory redundancy. Existing memory deduplication techniques,...

    Provided By Sungkyunkwan University

  • White Papers // Nov 2009

    5 Ways VMware vSphere Improves Backup and Recovery

    VMware's latest enterprise-level hypervisor product suite, vSphere, includes many new features and technological enhancements over its predecessor, VMware Infrastructure 3 (VI3). While there are several reasons to upgrade to vSphere, this white paper focuses on how VMware improved various storage technologies, how these relate to data backup and recovery, and...

    Provided By Veeam Software

  • White Papers // Jan 2010

    How Virtualization Cuts CDP Costs by 80%

    Continuous Data Protection (or CDP) has been used by large enterprises for some time for disaster recovery and to achieve the highest level of business continuity. CDP synchronizes tier 1 data between sites to ensure availability of the most critical enterprise applications. Until recently, CDP has been used only by...

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  • White Papers // Jun 2009

    Best Practices: VMware Monitoring With Operations Manager 2007 and MOM 2005

    The nworks Management Pack (MP) 5.0 updates Veeam's leading?]edge solution for distributed VMware Infrastructure monitoring and management with Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 207. nworks MP v5 has full native support for vSphere VI?]API v4.0, with many new events, policies, monitors and topology objects. VMware Ready Optimized certification means one...

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  • White Papers // Dec 2009

    Best Practices: VMware Monitoring With HP Operations Manager

    When an organization chooses HP Operations Center as its Enterprise Management System (EMS), it makes substantial capital and operational investments in order to reduce downtime and keep the IT environment running smoothly. Increasingly, that environment includes VMware vSphere (or its predecessor, VMware Infrastructure). The main objective for deploying vSphere typically...

    Provided By Veeam Software