From servers to storage and networking, virtualization is the technology that drives efficiency and convergence. Go behind the hypervisor hype and discover actionable advice and expertise here.

  • Bring Accounting to the Salesforce Cloud

    Ebooks // Aug 2016 // provided by Sage Live

    You already know that Salesforce is the world's leading customer relationship management solution. But did you also know that you can transform this already-powerful tool into a complete business management and accounting solution? Learn more about Sage Live - the accounting solution built for business leaders who want to ...

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  • The Future of Work: 5 Survival Tactics eBook

    Ebooks // Aug 2016 // provided by Sage Live

    Technology has changed the business landscape so drastically - business can be done from everywhere: your child's soccer game, at the gym, or even from your office. And it's not just you who is experiencing a different mode of work. Your employees and customers also now enjoy an extremely ...

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  • The Zen of a Connected Business eBook

    Ebooks // Aug 2016 // provided by Sage Live

    There comes a time in a company’s growth when applications that used to work well can no longer keep up with complexities of scale. This white paper describes 3 warning signs that indicate your disconnected financial applications are holding you back. Also, learn how migrating to a unified cloud ...

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  • Data Security in the Legal Field

    Ebooks // Apr 2016 // provided by Citrix ShareFile

    Find out what you need to know about data security in the legal field. Today, airtight data security is hard to achieve. For small and midsize law practices, the work can be overwhelming. Read this e-book to learn more about: Why data security matters to attorneys ethically and ...

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  • Network Virualization for Dummies

    Ebooks // Mar 2016 // provided by VMware

    Learn why you need to virtualize your network, how it works and the best practices for getting started.

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  • IT Resilience: Building Fault Tolerant Architectures

    Ebooks // Aug 2016 // provided by Axcient

    The Axcient IT Resilience eBook teaches IT leaders a new approach to building enterprise resilience. Learn how to build an IT architecture that leverages the perfect balance of on-premises and cloud infrastructure to deliver more high-performing, resilient, and agile IT at lower costs.

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  • Inside the #1 Cloud Platform for Building Next-Gen Apps

    Ebooks // Jul 2016 // provided by salesforce

    Get an in-depth look at the services and tools that the #1 cloud platform for creating next-gen apps offers to help you build apps faster. You'll learn how Salesforce gives you a competitive advantage with Platform as a Service like no other. Details include: Salesforce's Multitenant Cloud Infrastructure and ...

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  • Anatomy of a Mobile App

    Ebooks // Jun 2016 // provided by salesforce

    In the Internet of Customers, apps connect everything. This book will show you how to think through the most essential layers inside custom mobile apps to help you create the most engaging experience possible. Discover the 8 layers of every app you need to know Learn the foundational elements ...

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  • Executive’s guide to the software defined data center (free ebook)

    Ebooks // Jun 2016 // provided by TechRepublic

    Businesses are moving toward the software defined data center model, but the transformation is far from complete. This guide from ZDNet and TechRepublic examines current trends, best practices, use cases, and tools designed to manage the SDDC.

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  • eBook: New Breach Defense Strategies

    Ebooks // Mar 2016 // provided by FORTINET

    This new e-book – Security from the Inside Out: New Breach Defense Strategies - discusses why the traditional perimeter-based protection strategies are no longer enough and why deploying Internal Segmentation Firewalls (ISFWs) throughout an organization can give networks the edge they need to keep critical assets safe from the latest ...

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