From servers to storage and networking, virtualization is the technology that drives efficiency and convergence. Go behind the hypervisor hype and discover actionable advice and expertise here.

  • IR & Computer Forensics In the Virtual Realm

    Podcasts // Aug 2014 // provided by

    Virtualization is a game changer, this podcast looks at the new world of virtualization and the impact on incident response & computer forensics. Details include answers to several important questions: is forensics more difficult or perhaps actually easier in the virtual realm? What do image if the data store has ...

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  • Configuring CloudBridge Connector for AWS

    Podcasts // Mar 2014 // provided by Citrix Systems

    In this podcast, the speaker will explain about the CloudBridge Connector which is used for AWS. The people can use this CloudBridge connector feature, to connect a data center to an external cloud or another data center.

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  • Top 8 Use Cases for Virtual Desktops

    Podcasts // Feb 2014 // provided by DABCC

    In this podcast, the speaker will discover the top eight uses for application and desktop virtualization, including mobilizing Windows apps, refreshing desktop PCs and managing BYOD arrangements. It helps the user to learn how to deliver the right desktop to the right user in a cost-effective way, how to provide ...

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  • HP 3PAR StoreServ Chalk Talk (HP Discover EMEA December 2013 update)

    Podcasts // Feb 2014 // provided by HP & Intel® Xeon® Processor

    Learn about the December 2013 updates to the HP 3PAR StoreServ portfolio in this lastest HP Storage ChalkTalk from HPStorageGuy Calvin Zito. Sponsored by HP and Intel® Xeon® Processor : Intel, the Intel logo, Xeon, and Xeon Inside are trademarks or registered ...

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  • BYOEF Video

    Podcasts // Jan 2014 // provided by Brocade

    Learn how build your own a highly resilient, high-performance Brocade Ethernet fabric.

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  • IBM SmartCloud Entry for Power Systems

    Podcasts // Jan 2014 // provided by IBM

    The IBM SmartCloud™ Entry on Power Systems™ solution provides a cost-competitive, entry-level private cloud solution that helps speed time to value of your service deployments on your IBM Power Systems servers.

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  • DataCore Storage Virtualization Overview

    Podcasts // Jan 2014 // provided by DABCC

    DataCore software is a virtualization layer that sits in between the user application servers and their existing storage hardware. Now all the user storage hardware can co-exist and work together. Pool the user's resources and eliminates storage capacity.

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  • Virtualizing Open Enterprise Server 2 Services

    Podcasts // Jan 2014 // provided by Novell

    In this podcast, the speaker explains about how to virtualize the open enterprise server 2 services. And also discover a strategy for moving the NetWare servers to a virtualized Linux platform.

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  • Virtualize it!

    Podcasts // Jan 2014 // provided by Novell

    With open enterprise server the users' can virtualize NetWare or open enterprise server instances to gain efficiencies in their storage and print infrastructure. Learn in this podcast how fast the users' can get a XEN VM up and running.

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  • vSphere 5.5: First Look and Tips and Tricks

    Podcasts // Dec 2013 // provided by DABCC

    In this podcast, the speaker explains about VMware vSphere 5.5 packs in loads of new features for the users VMware infrastructure. It helps the user to learn about what new storage and network features are included with vSphere 5.5, what changes are in the API frameworks with vSphere 5.5 and ...

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