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  • Sponsored By Citrix Online // Oct 2014

    From Silence to Brilliance: How to Kick Off a Compelling Presentation

    Grab attention from the get-go. Lights! Camera! Crickets? Don’t let the deafening silence of a disengaged audience derail your presentation. Join this webinar with Stanford Graduate School of Business educator and coach Matt Abrahams to learn how to immediately capture attendees’ attention by dazzling them with a wow-worthy introduction....

  • Sponsored By Centrify // Oct 2014

    Live Webcast: Centrify and Dropbox for secure collaboration

    Dropbox for Business lets organizations better access and control company data, with admin features that make it easy to deploy, provision, and manage effectively. Centrify offers an easy-to-deploy cloud service that delivers the industry's most comprehensive solution for Active Directory-based single sign-on, access control, and mobile device management for thousands...

  • Sponsored By IBM // Oct 2014

    Gaining The Upper Hand In Today's Cyber Security Battle

    Threat intelligence uses the symptoms of an attack to foster an understanding of who the attackers are and what their motives and capabilities may be offering the insight necessary to develop a proactive stance and thwart attackers. Read More..

  • Sponsored By Dell Software // Oct 2014

    Webcast: Maximize Database Performance

    Are you facing the pressure of not investing enough in database performance? In this on-demand webcast, see how poor performance negatively impacts your business, and how you can maximize database performance RIGHT NOW. Watch this webcast today.

  • Sponsored By Citrix Online // Oct 2014

    Live Webcast: 5 Power Skills to Boost Your Personal Influence

    Join us for this LIVE event! Tuesday, October 28, 2014 10 AM (PDT) / 1 PM (EDT) How much influence do you have in your organization? Wish you had more? Leaders need to be able to gain support for their ideas and to push them through their organizations. And...

  • Sponsored By ZDNet // Sep 2014

    ZDNet APAC webinar: Business Intelligence on the move

    Join us for this LIVE event! Monday, 29 September at 3pm Australian Eastern Standard Time Business Intelligence used to be the domain of the experts, with small crews of data analysts controlling the flow of business insights. But a great democratisation is unfolding and not only is Business Intelligence being...

  • Sponsored By Centrify // Sep 2014

    Centrify for Samsung Knox - Product Overview

    The idea that employees may be storing corporate data together with their vacation photos on their smartphones is enough to give IT administrators and corporate compliance managers nightmares. At the same time, nobody wants to lug around separate devices for work and home use, and BYOD makes workers happier and...

  • Sponsored By Centrify // Sep 2014

    Centrify for Samsung Knox - Spotlight

    Employees are clamoring for BYOD; regulators and industry groups are clamoring for tighter security and stronger data protection measures. There is a way to balance these seemingly divergent demands: integrated access control and mobile device management. Samsung Knox and Centrify have partnered to deliver secure container environments inside mobile...

  • Sponsored By Citrix Online // Sep 2014

    Live Webcast: Surviving Workplace Zombies

    Join us for this LIVE event! Tuesday, October 7, 2014 10 AM (PDT) / 1 PM (EDT) No doubt you’ve seen them. Office zombies. The mindless, slow, de-motivated, disconnected people who try to drag you down to their level. In some workplaces they are rare while in others they swarm...

  • Sponsored By EMC // Sep 2014

    Flash Storage Designed for the Most Exacting Requirements - Yours

    Flash is transforming the industry. Yes Flash is fast, but harnessing the power of Flash requires architecture and software. With a purpose built scale-out architecture and unique in memory data services as well as a consistent performance at scale, XtremIO is unmatched in the All-Flash array market. Flash can also...

  • Sponsored By Citrix Online // Sep 2014

    Live Webcast: Mastering Difficult Conversations: Tips and Tools from a Former FBI Hostage Negotiation Trainer

    Join us for this LIVE event! Thursday, October 2, 2014 10 AM (PDT) / 1 PM (EDT) Nobody likes to deliver bad news, discuss a sensitive subject or talk about a project or meeting that's gone wrong. The mere thought of these conversations can fill you with anxiety and distract...

  • Sponsored By Hewlett Packard // Sep 2014

    The Business Value of Cloud-Managed Wireless Networks - IDC Webinar

    Cloud-managed Wi-Fi promises greater networking efficiencies and flexibility in managing, scaling and upgrading the wireless network. But cloud-managed Wi-Fi may not be the right solution for everyone. Watch this webcast to hear IDC analyst and Vice President, Rohit Mehra, discuss the critical factors to take into account as you...

  • Sponsored By Hewlett Packard // Sep 2014

    On-demand Webcast: Maccabi Healthcare Services Keeps Mobile Apps Healthy

    Keeping mobile applications performing well in the new bring your own device (BYOD) world is tough for IT. Your customers and employees bring their own devices and you cannot possibly test every combination of mobile OS, device type and network out there. Attend the webinar to see how Maccabi Healthcare...

  • Sponsored By Citrix Online // Sep 2014

    On-demand Webcast: Mastering the Virtual Sales Pitch

    Making an online presentation has its unique challenges — but there are also countless opportunities for today’s savvy sales professional. Join Tim Wackel as he shares ideas on how to grow your sales (without growing your frequent flyer account). Attend this on-demand webinar to learn how to: Plan and...

  • Sponsored By Alert Logic // Aug 2014

    On-demand Webcast: Anatomy of an Attack: Know What to Defend Against

    Hackers are targeting businesses large and small while botnets spread malware indiscriminately as they propagate via email. But how can you tell whether you’ve caught the attention of international criminals or amateur script kiddies? And is there any difference? The fact is, you can’t secure your IT infrastructure if...

  • Sponsored By HP & Intel® Xeon® Processor // Aug 2014

    HP Software-Defined Data Center Webinar

    The concept of the software-defined data center (SDDC), an abstraction of the physical data center into a software-defined set of resources and services, has gained traction over the last year. Understanding the potential benefits, pitfalls and the commercial reality of the SDDC is critical for enterprise infrastructure architects and engineers...

  • Sponsored By Dell Software // Aug 2014

    Consolidating Active Directory Domains and Forests

    Consolidating domains and forests is a big job. But, it’s worth it. View this webcast to learn how to merge or eliminate domains and forests without compromising security—quickly and safely. Led by Windows security expert, Randy Franklin Smith, you’ll learn about common consolidation issues and ways to manage your streamlined...

  • Sponsored By Druva Software // Jul 2014

    The New Cloud Framework: Best Practices for Enterprise Data

    The cloud is becoming the standard for enterprises, making it easier to manage mobility, BYOA, and data sprawl. The cloud’s accessibility and scalability makes it a natural solution to meet the needs of employees and still maintain control of corporate data. Yet the cloud has also introduced performance and privacy...

  • Sponsored By Druva Software // Jul 2014

    A New Approach to Endpoint Data Protection

    The rising number of mobile workers makes endpoint data protection increasingly important for organizations of all types and sizes. Now more than ever, business and IT decision makers must take a holistic view that includes a wide variety of mobile devices including laptops, smartphones and tablets. But what is the...

  • Sponsored By Druva Software // Jul 2014

    For Your Eyes Only: Endpoint Data Privacy in the Cloud is Easier Than You Think

    Businesses see tremendous cost, flexibility, and scalability advantages in backing up endpoint data to a public cloud, but they are concerned about privacy, security, and availability of sensitive data. This webcast discusses how innovations in encryption and storage resolve issues of data privacy and key requirements for companies to look...