10 Gbps Intrusion Prevention

Date Added: Jan 2010
Format: Webcast

This informative webinar will provide a checklist of criteria to look for when evaluating products, and will include an under the hood look at high-speed deep packet inspection testing along with real experiences culled from our extensive 10 Gbps IPS Comparative Test. This webcast helps you in Finding out why 10 Gbps Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) is more than 10 times more difficult to get right than 1 Gbps IPS. The highly acclaimed Source fire Vulnerability Research Team? (VRT) works around the clock to ensure Source fire customers are protected against emerging threats. Source fire IPS is powered by the VRT's vulnerability-based Snort rules, which protect against threats by detecting all possible exploits of vulnerabilities. and anomaly-based inspection method sat throughputs up to 10 Gbps to analyze network traffic and prevent critical threats from damaging your network. Whether deployed at the perimeter, in the DMZ, in the core, or at critical network segments, and whether placed in inline or passive mode, Sourcefire's easy-to-use IPS appliances provide comprehensive threat protection.