Accelerating Legacy Application Modernization Using the JBoss Seam Framework

Date Added: Mar 2010
Format: Webcast

For more than 15 years, Business Partner has been developing well-designed, high-quality software products to meet business needs across many sectors, including, retail, government, insurance, education, and manufacturing. He has expertise in distributed messaging systems, service-oriented architecture design and implementation, and document/content management systems. In this webcast, a Red Hat JBoss Advanced Business Partner will discuss how he leveraged the JBoss Seam framework to rapidly modernize legacy applications. This webcast helps them to, learn how Seam differentiates itself from other Java web frameworks and simplifies the modernization process. Develop a general strategy for migrating legacy applications to a web-based platform using Seam. Hear a real case study of how CITYTECH used Seam to transform a legacy Microsoft Access application to an enterprise-caliber Seam-based web application.