Analyst Webcast with Merv Adrian: Leverage your Data Assets Across the Global Enterprise

We are pleased to have Merv Adrian, IT Market Strategy Analyst, join us in this Sybase sponsored webcast to explore the critical issue of data integration environments in the enterprise - many of which are fragmented and poorly managed.

Mr. Adrian will address how heterogeneity is the new standard in today's data center, where multiple DBMSs, multiple versions of the same DBMS, and applications running on different DBMSs exist side by side. As organizations begin to realize the need to keep data synchronized and available in these multiple locations, replication technologies fill a critical need. Keeping data warehouses fresh, supporting product migrations and disaster recovery depends on an effective data replication strategy. Multiple, single source, point-to-point connections are not the answer - he will show you how to take a comprehensive view of unifying your data.

Join us to:

  • Learn about critical data integration issues in the enterprise and how they can be addressed with strategic data synchronization solutions
  • Hear how specific companies like yours are meeting their data movement and real-time reporting needs
  • Understand how Sybase Replication Server enables pervasive data accessibility and real-time data delivery across mixed data environments including Oracle, MS SQL, IBM UDB, and Sybase

Provided by: Sybase Topic: Data Management Date Added: Mar 2010 Format: Webcast

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