Big Data

B2B Conversion Optimization From the Search Query to the Landing Page

Date Added: Jan 2010
Format: Webcast

This webinar is presented by the industry experts Gord Hotchkiss of Enquiro & Anna Talerico of ion interactive, and these experts expalin how it is possible to improve the quality, and quantity of the B2B search conversions. This episode helps the attendee get out unwanted things, and start addressing the requirement of the buyer. The various ways through which one can use holistic approach to back to back search marketing, the effect of the rankings in their CTR & quality of clicks. Description about what is information foraging theory is, and what is the requirement be a "Trail" for the search query, how and what are the various ways through which one can match the content of your ad & landing page with the intent of the user and his role, learn how people look at search ads & landing pages call as the Eye tracking case studies are also given in detail. The five features of a best b2b landing page is explained well.