Business Insights Webcast: Desktop Virtualization From Microsoft (Level 100)

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Executive Summary

Does one know about desktop virtualization from Microsoft? If one wants to know about it this webcast provides for us and clears about it. Microsoft Enterprise Desktop virtualization (MED) is worked on Windows 7 operating system. One focus of MED-V V1 SP1 is to expand support platforms to include Windows 7 (x86 and x64) as a host. This screen cast demonstrates running a MED-V workspace using a V1 SP1 client in the Windows 7 environment. In V1 SP1, MED-V continues to employ Virtual PC 2007 as the virtualization vehicle to run a MED-V workspace, and it does not require hardware-assisted virtualization. Namely, a MED-V V1 SP1 host does not require Intel VT or an AMD-V processor in the hardware. This webcast helps for user can deploy and manage a Windows7 operating system environment. This covers the use-case scenarios for desktop virtualization and how Microsoft Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) compares to application virtualization in details. One can clearly understand after we saw the webcast. This is the most effective method used in advanced software industries and their products.

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