Business Insights Webcast: IDC Discusses Client Virtualization: Overview, Benefits and Market Trends (Level 100)

Date Added: May 2010
Format: Webcast

When it comes to the client virtualization, many organizations could try to decrease, or reduce the cost of the ownership of the PCs that may improve the data security, and also the streamline process that are associated with the desktop management. Application virtualization centralized virtual desktop which is commonly known as VDI, and the user session virtualization distributed virtual desktop, which is the remote desktop, or terminal service are some of the benefits in which an organization can apply lot of client virtualization technologies. In addition, the client virtualization explains all technologies that are associated within the virtual zing end-user computing knowledge, and experience, as the term, desktop virtualization relates to technologies that only virtualize the end user desktops. The presenters of this Business Insights Webcast are Al Gillen, Vice President of System Software, IDC and Karri Alexion- Tiernan, the Director of Client Virtualization from Microsoft Corporation team.