Business Insights Webcast: SharePoint 2010 Adoption Made Quicker and Easier With Infosys Solutions (Level 100)

Date Added: Jul 2010
Format: Webcast

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 introduces new and better features that make it possible for people to connect within and outside the enterprise IT environment to collaborate, manage content, and respond quickly to changing business needs. In this webcast, a Microsoft representative provides an overview of the unique capabilities of SharePoint 2010, and representatives from Infosys explain how Infosys tools can help one harness the maximum potential from SharePoint 2010, how Infosys adopted SharePoint 2010 for its own portals, and the benefits of the adoption. The attendee of this webcast learns how Infosys - a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner and part of the SharePoint 2010 Technology Adoption Program (TAP) - has helped organizations build portals with the beta and release to manufacturing (RTM) versions of SharePoint 2010.