Capture, Retain, and Analyze CDRs and IPDRs With Maximum Efficiency and Performance

Watch Now Date Added: Mar 2009
Format: Webcast

Massive Call Detail Record (CDR) and IP Data Record (IPDR) volumes create some serious challenges. Wireline, wireless, and internet service providers must not only collect and store billions of CDRs and other event records, but they must also be able to run complex queries to identify and extract specific records to meet the intense global pressure from law enforcement and security agencies to provide fast responses to requests during crime and terrorism investigations. The EMC Centera/SenSage Solution is an integrated event data warehouse and storage solution designed for Communications Service Providers (CSPs). The attendee of this webcast will earn about the EMC Centera/SenSage solution and find out how it leverages content addressed storage to deliver enterprise-class security analytics.