Choosing Google for innovation over Microsoft Exchange

Date Added: Mar 2010
Format: Webcast

David Rumberg, Partner/CIO, of Sports Basement can tell you how he cost-effectively ran Microsoft Exchange: ration total email users, cap inboxes at 150mb and run the server long after it goes off mainstream support. But when he needed a solution to move the business forward, he chose Google Apps for this mid-sized specialty retailer. Now everyone has email, can access from anywhere and work collaboratively in real-time from different locations. Plus, David got a solution that frees up staff time to build an online community, increase website conversions with Google Analytics and share best practices. For David, the choice was easy.

View this TechRepublic Webcast to hear from David Rumberg, Partner/CIO, of Sports Basement to hear how this medium-sized business is taking the most advantage of Google Apps. Topics will include:

  • Beyond cost savings - building a business case for innovation
  • Tips and tricks in migrating from Microsoft Exchange
  • Real-time collaboration and teamwork

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