Configuring NFS Maestro Server With a Focus on Name Mappings

Date Added: Aug 2009
Format: Webcast

This webcast is presented by Jeremy Dodds, who is the Product Specialist of Connectivity Solutions Group. It describes about the alignment of NFS Maestro Server giving due attention to the significance of a correctly aligned name designing. The webcast explains a number of services which can be easily and effectively accessed to maintain a properly aligned name mapping. The NFS Maestro Server offers easy consolidation with Microsoft Windows functioning process that permits one to exchange directories to enable easy mounting by making use of NFS customer. Also it permits communications with the institution directory initiatives. In addition, it describes the fundamentals of aligning NFS Maestro Server consisting the aspects like the definition of name mapping and directory services, aligning name mapping accessing local files, aligning name mapping accessing directory services, configuring warehouse areas for the name mappings, consolidating permissions accessing name mappings.