Conquering the Minefield of Soft Rogue APs in Enterprise Networks

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Executive Summary

A soft Access Point (AP)is a device such as a laptop or other wireless enabled device which performs traffic forwarding between its wireless interface and some other interface which is in turn connected to a secure network. The major advantage of using the soft AP is that this can show up as rogue access point on the enterprise network. This can happen inadvertently, for example, take for instance when an employee has used a laptop which is owned by his company as an AP to share Internet connection at his residence or for his personal use and later forgets to disable the sharing after completing his job. A soft AP can, however, be maliciously installed as it is perfect hacker "Solution" to put a rogue AP on a network while evading wire-side controls such as 802.1x, NACs and wire side only rogue AP scanners . The webinar offers the information regarding the various features of the AP soft and some of the easy methods to convert WiFi enable devices into APs.

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