Data Centers

Data Center Automation in an Uncertain Economy

Date Added: Jun 2009
Format: Webcast

Today, organizations just like yours are under greater than ever pressures to do more with less. Many are implementing virtualization as a means to reduce costs. However, managing a virtualized environment presents its own unique challenges.

Reducing ongoing data center costs, improving utilization, and cost avoidance are three key areas where IBM can help, especially with our data center automation solutions. Effective management and automation of your virtualized environment can help you realize the benefits of virtualization with faster payback and drive down IT costs.

Ptak, Noel & Associates analyst Jasmine Noel will share her findings on how Tivoli's data center automation solutions can help you reduce costs and get your payback faster by automating complex tasks and processes in the datacenter. You'll also hear from Kendall Lock, director of IBM's Rome Lab, about how the lab is using some of Tivoli's own solutions to gain improved operational efficiency.

Register today to attend this live IBM event on July 14th, 2009 at 12:00 PM ET / 9 AM PT.


Jasmine Noel, Founding Partner, Ptak, Noel and Associates

Kendall Lock, Director, IBM SWG Rome Lab Software Development Facility