Database Auditing: Who Did What to Which Data When and How?

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Executive Summary

Database auditing is otherwise called as data access auditing, and this is one among the technologies which is growing in a rapid speed, and has caught the attention of the organization, as a response to the demands raised by the various regulatory compliance. At the highest level this process of Database auditing, is basically a facility which is mainly used to track the usage of the different database resources, and authority. This webcast has the answer for all the questions which are related to who did what to which data when, and how? One can find the exact answers for the various questions that arise in the subconscious mind such as who is the one responsible for the accessed or changed data? What aspect of the database was actually changed? When did this change happen? Moreover this webcast discusses the issues and the requirements that are actually driving database auditing, and at the same time it can serve as a roadmap of sorts for the various data access auditing needs.

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