Designing Web Interfaces: Principles & Patterns for Rich Interaction

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Executive Summary

Nowadays every human being consciously or unconsciously connected to the web application. So if one wants to enhance the rich web application interfaced to all human being, one should develop application with Rich interactions to the users. With the recent rise in popularity of web technologies such as Ajax and Flash, it is possible to create richer user experiences on the Web. Even though these technologies are not actually new, one is now seeing their widespread adoption. One of the hallmarks of this experience is the move away from the always having to refresh the page for interaction. Instead of the typical page-to-page experience, one now has the opportunity to more closely sodel the real flow of the user. This webcast focuses on interaction design: specifically, interaction design on the Web. And even more specifically, about rich interaction design on the Web. It is a distillation of design principles, patterns and best practices for creating a rich experience unique to the Web. It mentions six design principles. They are Make it Direct, Keep it Lightweight, Stay on the Page, Provide an Invitation, Use Transitions, and React Immediately. Each principle is illustrated with a set of common design patterns. The principles are explored with real-world examples that illustrate good solutions as well as bad ones as well (Anti-Patterns).

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