Device/Port Control and Data Encryption within Microsoft System Center

Watch Now Date Added: Dec 2009
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Today's global enterprise is more mobile than ever. Data can be transferred via removable storage devices quite easily, enhancing productivity but also introducing risk such as data loss and theft, as well as malware introduction via removable devices / media. While organizations have been able to maximize the value of Microsoft? System Center by deploying a wide range of incremental configuration and management capabilities via their core System Center infrastructure, they have not been able to extend this functionality to include device / port control and data encryption capabilities.

Historically, in order to enjoy the security benefits of an advanced device control solution, System Center users would have to deploy a secondary infrastructure (including server, console, agents) and incur the delays, disruption, and costs associated with implementing a solution from scratch. Now System Center customers can easily enforce device / port control and data encryption policies without requiring new infrastructure and without additional administration overhead.