DLP - Easy as 1,2,3..

Watch Now Date Added: Jan 2010
Format: Webcast

Data loss is a negative impression on the organization which can have a drastic effect, such as reduced trust from customers, and from the partners, corporate value reduction, and loss of competitiveness as well as various criminal, and legal issues. It is very crucial for the organizations to protect sensitive data. Because it involves sensitive data such as intellectual property and related confidential information which correlates to the company's monetary value. This webinar helps the attendee learn the various ways through which one can protect the sensitive as well as confidential information from without escaping from their network. This webinar also reviews the Cryptzone's phased deployment plan which is very much cost-effective for the organizations to utilize, and it's very easy to manage. The other topics that are covered by this webinar includes Data Loss Prevention which involves topics such as hard drive, and USB encryption, and Outbound Compliance, and Endpoint Security is the second topic following Data Loss Prevention.