Big Data

Enterprise-Wide Data Integration - The Time Is Now

Watch Now Date Added: Jan 2010
Format: Webcast

Business Intelligence (BI) is a very important tool in decision making, and it also helps in saving time, and cost, when it is coupled with Business Process Management(BPM). Though there are many webinars about BI, and BPM, and this one-hour webinar presented by Jasper soft & Barry Devlin, who are experts in Business Intelligence (BI), and Data Integration needs, gives much insight into the growing need for a consistent approach, for various types of integration, like ETL, SOA, MDM which requires a common modeling approach, quality of data, and even the consistency tools. The speakers address the advantages of using open source for BI, data integration, and data quality. They have elaborately explained the methods of assessing the quality of your data, how poor quality data has an impact on BI, as well as how to clean it. Simultaneously, the speakers explain, how the data integration can be used for both operational, and BI data sources, and targets. There is also a demonstration of several concrete cases in this webinar.