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Executive Alignment: Is Your Organization Set Up for Transformational Success?

Date Added: Jan 2010
Format: Webcast

A turning point for every institution is the development, and streamlining the vision as well as the mission on the part of the entire executives and due to this process the aims, and goals of the institution is understood, and received across the institution. An institution with out the executive configuration and trying to execute the SAP is likely to experience major hazards in achieving their aims. The webinar presentation in this case explains how Brown Shoe firm is presently achieving through a three year SAP execution, the executive configuration effectively. In addition, it explains the approaches an institution can access for executive configuration, and the advantages out of that. The webinar also provides detailed guidelines on the training as well as management applications after the execution of SAP, in addition to a vast range of different services and helps to make the solution achieves the highest performance in the institution.