Forrester Webcast on Service Level Agreements - Today and Tomorrow

This webcast is based on the Service Level Agreements and it will offer the viewers the complete information regarding how to implement a proactive service level management solutions which helps in defining performance contracts, measures performance against obligations which can help your organization to both align operational performance as well as reporting and performance contracts with the needs of internal constituents. The highlights of the webcast include from the basic or starting from how to get started with the service level management application and its usage and areas of application, the key players involved in the operation ,the various automation tools and regular tools that are used in the application, the measuring the performance of the application which can be used in calculate the effectiveness of the application and the guarantee features that come along with such as the Key CA Oblicore Guarantee features which can help one change the way they think about SLA management.

Provided by: CA Topic: Social Enterprise Date Added: Apr 2010 Format: Webcast

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