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Get Ahead of the Game With Next Generation Open Source BI - Webinar With Jaspersoft and Talent

Date Added: Jan 2010
Format: Webcast

Business Intelligence (BI) is a very effective tool for any organization, which can reduce time, and help in cost saving. There are many resources, on the internet, which discusses, what is BI, how it is connected to BPM etc, but this webinar with Jaspersoft and Talend, who are experts in business intelligence, and data integration, presents to the attendee, the next generation open source Business Intelligence. This free 60-minute, webinar, lets the attendee know how this webinar with Jaspersoft, and talend, provide everything, one needs for data integration, data quality for BI, and even operational applications. The webinar vividly explains the advantages of using open source for BI, data integration, and data quality. It also deals with the specific constraints of ETL for business intelligence, like high volume of data, data quality management, and specific data structures. One can know how data integration paves way for operational, and BI data sources, and targets.