Google's Own AdSense Tips

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Executive Summary

This is a video on Google's own adsense tips which is an article by Richard Keir who trains, teaches, basically lives in the field of e-commerce related matter. Google also wants you to get the best out of the ad campaigns that they have to offer. But just following Google's tips will not help, you have to do your own research, take care of the things that would help you in the best way possible and do well for your business. Doing a lot of tests, tracking your results and then verify these results. The one thing you should do is understand how the location of the ad on the article page can be helpful. The author says that anything at the top end is hot property and even on the left side is good enough. Google suggests that you go for text at the bottom so that after reading the article the first thing is that people know what they can do next. The video also talks about the different type of ads that Google offers like vertical or horizontal. Think hard about which one will suit you best and move forward with it.

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