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Hands-on: Step-by-step MySQL Clustering Setup

Date Added: Aug 2009
Format: Webcast

If one is already familiar with the MySQL architecture, and want to enrich the knowledge on cluster architecture, its installation, setup, and also configuration, and management, one can watch this webcast presented by Sean Hull. The presentation is for 60 minutes, and the author takes one through the MySQL's Clustering solution which provides sophisticated functionality. One can use this in the laptop or single node server, by building a sandbox and one can play with dials, and levers, and get familiar with all the moving parts. Sean Hull is a business and technology consultant, author and speaker, and he is the founder and senior consultant at Heavyweight Internet Group in New York. He has written many articles, like Oracle and Open Source" (O'Reilly), and one can find this his articles in Oracle Technology Network, Database Journal, DBA Zine,, and many others. He has also served as a Technology Consultant, Project Manager, CEO, and mentor.