How Do You Know if Your DB2 Backup and Recovery Plan Will Work When You Need It?

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Executive Summary

Does one's organization have any specific DB2 recovery strategy that has the capability to support the various risks, the cost, and the service which is involved in your business? Can one approximately tell the IT department, and the business management how long the application would be down when an unplanned database outage occurs? There are various critical components that has to be present to any recovery strategy such as the storage, media to use, frequency of backups, risk analysis, cost-benefit tradeoffs, recovery time objectives, and more, and many of the data administrators know that there are many potential points of failure, when it comes to recovery of data. This webcast offers the attendee the information, and helps him to learn more about how NEON's Recovery Assurance Expert can help in identifying the gaps, and lapses in the shortest span of time which also includes the unrecoverable DB2 objects, predicting the recovery time for their DB2 objects, system, and applications using benchmark, reporting the business management, and the IT department regarding the recoverability status, and the overtime, recovery scenarios, determining the recovery risk, and cost-benefit backup.

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