How To Create Ad Groups In Adwords

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Executive Summary

This video shows you how to create adgroups through a practical demonstration. The page already contains some adgroups that were created before but you are also shown how you can create new adgroups. Then you are shown what the details are that you will need to create this new ad group. Here you have to enter the name you will be using for your ad, that is, the name that will be displayed to the people. You should make sure that the right spacing is there and the words make sense and attract more clicks, then only you will succeed. Then you will be asked to enter the maximum Cost Per Click's (CPC) that you believe will do good for your business , then the traffic estimator will show you the possible number of clicks based on the number of CPC you entered. You can choose to increase your CPC based on the estimator depending on how much you can pay for the clicks.

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