Implementing BI and a Data Mart in Weeks: Featuring Austin Energy

Austin Energy is the public utility, which provides electrical power service to 421-square-mile, and it is the ninth largest public power utility in the nation. Business Intelligence applies to any organization irrespective of its size. There had been a need within Austin energy for many years, but it is not yet produced, mainly due to the traditional Business Intelligence, and data ware house model. There were two innovative project managers, who decided to take a different approach. The attendee can view this webinar which focuses on implementing Business Intelligence and a Data mart in weeks, taking Austin Energy as an example, and how this public utility leveraged new technology from infobright, and Jaspersoft to deliver this innovative system, in few weeks' right from start to production. After viewing this webinar, the attendee will find great insights into the need of for Business Intelligence, in today's competitive market, and how data mart plays a crucial role, in leveraging any new technology.

Provided by: JasperSoft Topic: Big Data Date Added: Jan 2010 Format: Webcast

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