Increase Sales Performance and Enhance Customer Service

Watch Now Date Added: Jan 2010
Format: Webcast

This webcast by Cisco offers information regarding their Cisco In-Store Digital Media solution through which one can attract as well as retain a customer-focused sales force. This In-Store Digital Media solution offers various solutions which include training videos, educational information, human resources announcements and product information. This suit of Cisco Digital Signs, Cisco Cast, and Cisco Show, and share which are all managed from a single platform, which extends to thousands of users and the digital displays, helps one facilitate employee communications, and learning. This application is based on the Cisco developed; Cisco Digital Media Suite which is flexible at the same time offers a comprehensive solution for digital signs, and desktop video that offers the advantage of creating, managing, and publishing high quality digital media, which is used for communication. These digital signs can be used for product demo, educational material topics which can help in improving customer service effectiveness, and which in turn can help in improving sales. This enables the staff to access the updated information which can help them deliver fast support, and take fast decisions.