Installing Exceed PC X Server on Microsoft Terminal Server and Citrix XenApp

Watch Now Date Added: May 2009
Format: Webcast

This is a technical webcast presented by Joyce Kam who is the Product Specialist of Connectivity Group of Solutions. Through this webcast the attendee is able to know the method of consolidating Exceed, which is the top PCX server globally inside the Citrix or Microsoft Remote Desktop facility. By using the Exceed on Terminal Server or to Terminal Server having Citrix Xen App add-on offers the managers easy administration as well as vital content to the particular end beneficiaries. This webinar attempts to guide and show the method of applying the Exceed to cater to the requirements of the clients as well as the institution. This webinar teaches the attendee on how to access things such as installation and alignment of Exceed under the Terminal Server situation, restrict the user approach to play Exceed, supply Exceed profiles to the varied teams, makes possible installation of connectivity add-on goods, Exceed profile publication through Citrix Xen App and finally getting the profiles published through Citrix customer scheme neighbourhood.