Integrating Next Generation Capabilities to Existing Network Management Systems

Date Added: Jan 2010
Format: Webcast

This webinar provides information regarding the various technical challenges, and opportunities while adding the different functionality to legacy network management systems. The speaker for the webcast is Carl Moberg who is the COO of Tail-f Systems. The webcast insists that the Network management systems that are available must develop the capacity to adapt to changes which can meet the advance technical requirements of the future generation networks. A user interface has to be refreshed often with the state of art Web interface or the NETCONF protocol will be required by the customers which can help them to deploy scalable networks. Adding functionality and integrating with the application which are used in the present, and the data stores has various options when it comes to development time and system efficacy. If there is any requirement for the developers to build new applications then it's very important, and necessary to keep a legacy CLI or convert the available or used customer scripts to use NETCONF.