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Integrating Unstructured Data in the Data Warehouse - Unlocking Business Value

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Executive Summary

The last thirty years have witnessed a more vigorous development in technologies which makes possible the trade to access worthy decisions in tune with the functioning. In this exercise, the Data Warehouse as well as the Business Intelligence have assumed importance and remain an essential section of such exercise for most of the institutions. Also it could be seen that there exists a constant consolidation of information in information warehouse through the CRM, ERP, SCM and different processes in order to attain more knowledge in the flow of function related to trade. Apart from the above mentioned details, it is also required to access the un standardised information to the fold of information warehouse. The aim of such webinar is for familiarizing the listeners to the sphere of un standardised information consolidation as well as textual assessment, the method to proceed with. Some of the major items covered in this webinar are Textual ETL-consolidation methods, Metadata for Un standardised information, Trade architecture etc.

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