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Internet Network Marketing - Checking Your Competition

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Executive Summary

The term Internet marketing is basically interchangeable with web and always good to keep up with competition and check out their sites. To know how to keep a check on your competitors is a sure-fire way to keep up-to-date with any changes or developments that they may have. Facebook is one of the biggest social networking website ever since this idea evolved many years ago. There are many sites that came and went, but only Facebook remains tough in the competition. Link Diagnosis is a web-based device that allows users to simply enter the URL of a desired website and analyze a group of links to that page. You can specify filters as well, which means you can look for page rank, whether you want links that go to the entire domain, or just to one page. The internet is a great place to start gathering intelligence on your competitors as it is constantly up-dating itself with people adding content and reviewing services regularly. You will also have access to your competitors' websites here and this should show about as it is their shop window. It will give you an insight into their marketing strategy as well.

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