Introducing Veritas Storage Foundation HA 5.0 for ASE Cluster Edition - Increasing the Manageability, Availability and Performance of Sybase ASE Cluster Edition Environments

Date Added: Jul 2009
Format: Webcast

The attendee of this webcast will learn how Symantec's market-leading storage management and clustering technology offers increased manageability, high availability and high performance in a Sybase ASE Cluster environment. Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise is optimized for managing vast transaction processing systems involving thousands of users. Now, for applications that require continuous operation, ASE Cluster Edition takes ASE's proven reliability to a new level and offers even greater opportunities to reduce infrastructure costs. ASE Cluster Edition employs a shared data cluster architecture designed to support up to 32 computers (or nodes), each running one or more instances of ASE's core database manager. Sybase's patent-pending Virtualized Resource Management technology simplifies the task of consolidating and maintaining multiple applications on ASE Cluster Edition installations.