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ITIL's CMS in Context and What It Means for You

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Executive Summary

The concept of the Configuration Management System (CMS) in ITIL v3 is potentially a game changing catalyst in planning and shaping CMDB deployments. In parallel, and at least eighteen months prior to the introduction of the CMS by ITIL, Enterprise Management Associates had defined a federated model for CMDB Systems (CMDBS) that reflected real patterns in adoption. This model was based on real-world requirements for assimilating different management data sources, often from different investments, into a cohesive, process-driven, and whole. This webcast will examine the dynamics behind the CMS and the CMDBS, and how they will lead to a constituency-driven CMDB model in the future, in which federated CMDBs are optimized to support unique constituents, united through a core system with consistent CI definitions.

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