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ITO Trends in the Mid-Market: Overcoming Challenges in the Current Climate

Date Added: Jan 2010
Format: Webcast

This webcast offers the attendee the insight on the ITO Trends in the Mid-Market and the Overcoming Challenges in the Current Climate. The presenters of this webcast are Paul and Anthony D'Ambrosi, COO of CIBER's IT Outsourcing Division. The aspects that are covered in this webcast includes Unique trends and behaviors among mid-sized companies seeking to outsource their IT infrastructure, What should mid-market companies look for in service level agreements?, How are mid-market companies getting Tier 1 service without Tier 1 pricing?, How should mid-market companies consider SaaS and cloud computing for their environment? What's real and what's not?, How can mid-market companies retain flexibility within their ITO contracts?, How important is cultural compatibility for a mid-market client with their outsourcer? his can be especially true in IT outsourcing. They have the complexity to warrant Tier 1 service from the largest IT outsourcers - but it needs to be affordable. Their challenges are unique. Often, what and how they are buying are distinctive to their environment.