Lincoln Property Company Finds a Home with Google Apps

Date Added: Jan 2010
Format: Webcast

CIO Jay Kenney of Lincoln Property Company inherited a Novell Groupwise system powering email for 950 of the approximately 3,500 employees of this top national property manager. Evaluating his options, he looked at remaining with Novell or switching to Microsoft Exchange. At the prodding of one of his tech-savvy partners, he tried out Google Apps - and liked what he found. At approximately $200K per year cheaper than the existing system and infrastructure, Google Apps provides email, instant messaging, great mobile options, AV/AS protection for just $50/user/year. And, Jay can now provide all 3,500 employees with company email.

View this TechRepublic Webcast to hear from CIO Jay Kenney and Google Apps partner, Cloud Sherpas, on strategies to successfully migrate to Google Apps.

Topics to include:

  • Counting up savings with Google Apps
  • Migrating from Novell Groupwise
  • Maximizing resources from Google Apps partners
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